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Full text of "Greenes Tu-quoque; or, The city gallant. 1614"

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Ctt|i (gallant 

by lo. COOKE 

Date of earliest known original edition . . . . 1614 

(B.M. C. 34, c. 19) 
Reproduced in Facsimile 1913 

{jfafrgr Jfammtk lists 

Under the Supervision and Editorship of 


by lo. COOKE 

Issued for Subscribers by the Editor of 


drtenes 9/a-qitaipa 

by lo. COOKE 

This facsimile is from an original in the British Museum. 
There is another copy in Bodley. Another edition appeared in 
1622 and another undated (? 1640). 

Mr. Bullen supplied all that is known of the author in his 
article in " The Dictionary of National Biography." 


recnes Tu quoque,- 


The Cittic Gallant. 

ssfs it hat/t beetto diners times atted l*j the 

Written by lo. Coo HE Gent. 

J\- i 

.".BU. i.<ntr '.> 

at London for /#& Trpndle, i ^1 4- 

To the Reader* 

OgrAttlAtethe hue And memory rfmy 
\thy fritod the Author y And my entirety Mo 
te* Velbw^ the Afar, Jtottld net c bitfe being 
'in the WAy tuft when this Pity watt* be?**' 
in Print ,, bttt to prefxefome token 


*f*ty Affettio* t* either to the fronttfarc efth* 
ftrtktGentlemtn thtt m#*it,his P tern it fetfec** bet 
ter fjtetke bis pniff, then Any Or At try from me . Ntr cut 
/ tellwbether this wtrke WAS thuttlgtd wtb bis cexf erst 
*r no: but bwfeenerjince it bath f of the 1 eft oftbeft*gt 
With fo gtntiAll An *}plA*fe , fify it werelut itjhottld 
ltkewJ9,hA*e the hintur *f the Pveff* . 4s for Mtfer 
Greene, AtlthAt l*iUJp**k* *f him (And that without 
flattery) is this (tfJrttre worthy to cffifure) there WAS rirt 
.AnAtftrofbtsnAtwe inhis time oj better abtltty in per* 
formAmeofwhAt he^nderttoke-^more AfllAitdent by the 
Andiente^fgreAtergrAee At the Court >, or tfmoregenerAl 
hue in theCttty^ndfo with this brief e (b*r After of hh 
memory, liommit hint to his rejt^ 

Thomas Hey w< 


Vpon the death of Thomas Greene. 

H<M>f*{l W*afy Autumnc ehangeth fldraes Jyt 9 
What jcfttr day *4t(GrxenG)w 




\/ .* 


(jreenes T 

A Mercers Shop difcouercd , Gtrtred working in 
it, SpcnAdl walking by the Shop : M bdlLwcc 
walking oucr the Stage : after him Longfield, 


Hatlaokeyoiifir? faircfturTcs,orvducts ? 
Bill. Good morrow Frtnkf. 
Fran. Good morrow mafter Ballanc*. 

Long. And you fir, what bufincflc drawcs 
you toward this endo'thcowne? 

Gerald. Faith no great fcrious affaires, onelya ftirring 
humour to walke, atfd partly to fee the beauties of the Ci- 
tic; butitmaybcyoucaninftrn&me : pray whofcfliop's 

Long. Whjrtis WiHR^Jhtt fathers, a man that you arc 
Well acquainted with. Enter a. wench with a Jnukft-af 

Ger. A with your fclfe; and is that liis fifter? linnen 

Long. Marry is it fir. 

Ger. Pray let vs walke , I would beholds her better. 

Wench. Buy fome quaifo, handkerchcrs, or very good 

Qart* NiMir. - 

< Wtnch. Will you buy any Iiandkcrchcrs, fir? 
Spend. Yes, liaueyouanyfineones ? 

Wench lie fhew you choice, pleafeyoulookc fir? 
. How now ! what ncwes ? 


\ Miftris Tickleman has fens you a Letter, and 
/our company at night , and intrcats you to fend 
her an angell, whether you can come, or whether you can 
not. . tie rsdt* 

Spe*J. Sweet rafcallf tf yoorlouebt a$earneftasyour 
proteftation, you will mcetc me this night at Supper, you 
know the randetiows ,tkere will be good company, a. nolfc 
of choice Fidlers , a fine boy \vkth an cxcelJent voice^ very 
good fongs tod bawdy ; and which is more J doc purpofe 
my felfeto be exceeding merry : but if you come not, I 
fhall powt my felfc ficke , and not eate one bit to night. 
You? continuall cloft friend, 

I pray fend me an angejl toy this! bearer, whe 
ther ye can come, oxwbethfryccannoc. 
What's the price ofthefctwo ? 

Wench, Halfe a crowne in trtitb } fir. 

Spcxd. Holdthee, there's an angcll, and commend me 
to my delight , tell her I will not faile her , though I loofe 
rnyfreedomeby't. Exitw*fb+ 

Wench. Ithankeyeufir j buy any fine handkerchers? 

l**g. You arc taken fit cxtrcamcly , what'i the obied? 

Qerald. Shec's wondcrousfairc. 

L*vg. Nay, and your; thoughts bee on wenching He 

qcrM. You fhall not-be fo vnfricndly,pray afliftmee; 
Wee'l to the (hop and cheapen ftwrTcs or fattins. 

Sfntd. What lackc you Gentlemen? fineftuffes, yel- 
ucts, or fattins f pray come neare. 
5 fek Lctmcfceagoodfattin. 
' ' Zfad. You (hall fir, what colour? 

ger. Faith I am indifferent, \\hat colour molt affects 
you Lady ? 

g*rt. Sirl 

ger. Without offence (fake creature) I dernaund it. 

g*rt. Sir.IbeJeeueit, builncuerdid 
Tie my affection vnto any cdlour. 

gtr. But my affection (fairefl)is faft tied 
Vnto the crimlbn colour ofyour cheeke. 

Cart. YourellifhtoomuthCourtie^fir. 

Long, What's the price of this ? 

Spe*d. Fifteencind cede fir. 

Lo*g. You fet a high rate on'r, it had neede be good. 

Spent, Good! ifyoufind a better i'ch towne, lie giue you 
nine for nothing rrfyou were my ownebrotherj'de put it in 
to your hands , lookc vpon'c , t'is clofc wrought , and has aa 
excellent glafle. 

Long. I,Ifee't. 

Sfend. Pray fir come into the next toome"; Tie /hew you 
chat of a lower price (hall (perhtypes) better pleafe you. 

Long. This fellow has an excellent tongue, fur chee vras 
brought yp in the Exchange. 

Spexj. Will you come in fir? 

Long. No, t'is no matter, for I weane to buy none. 

GerM. Prc thee walkcin, what you bargain* for , He dif- 
charge. - 

Ltng. Say fo ; fall to your worke, lie be your chapman. 

Cjer* Why doe you fay 1 flatter ? Exeunt Spend. Ling. 

Gtart. Why? youdocj 
And fo doc all men when they women wooe. 

Ger. Who lookcs on heauen, and not admires the worke ? 
Who vicwcs a well cut Diamond, does not praife 
The beauty of the Stone ? if thcfc deferuc 
The name of Excellent , I lackc a word 
For thee which mcritft more, *,* 

More then the tongue of man can attribute. 

<7*rr. This is pretty Poetry , good fiction this : Sir, I muft 

(Jer. Leauc with me firftfome comfort. 

<?4rt. What would you craue? 

GentU. ThMwhichlfeareyouwillnotlettochaue. 

(jrcenes Tit 

<jrt. You doe not know my bounty; Say what Vis. 

(jer. No more (faire creature) then a modeft kifle. 

Gtrr. If Ifliould giue you one, would you rcfrainr, 
on that condition, nc r to oegge again*. 

Gr. I dare nor grant to that. 

Gart t Then'cfeemesyou haue, 
Tliruph you get nothing, a delight to craue, 
One will not hurt my lippe, which you may take, 
Not for your loue, but for your abfence fake. Sofhrewellfir. 

Gtr. O fart thec well (faire regent of my foule) 
Neucrletill fit neerethe, vnJcfTcitcomc 
To ptirge it frlfe ; be as thou cuer feemft, 
An AngrllofthySex, b^rnc to <rake happy 
The man that fhall poflcflfc thee for his Bride. 
F.xter SptndallandLongfitlet. 

Spsn. WU you haue It for thirtccnc fhilling and fijcpence ? 
He f.^11 to as lowc a pricea* lean, becaufc He buy your cu- 

Long. How now man / what ! intranced? 

(Jer. Goodftr, ha you done > 

Long. Yes faith , I thinkc as much as you , and t'is iuft no 
thing: where *sth wench? 

Cjerald. Shee's hcere fir, heere. 

L'Hf. Vds phty! vnbutton man, thou'lt ftiflc her lfe. 

G r. Nay good fir, will you goe? 

L**. With all my heart, I ftay but for you. 

SptN. Doe youhearcfir? 

Long. What fry ? 

Speml. Will you take it for thirfeene ? 

Long. Noc a penny more then I bid. Ex*G<r 

. Why then fay you might haue had a good bargaine; 
Where's this boy to make vp the wares? heere'i fome tcnne 
peeces opened, and all to no purpofe. Enttr 2ty* 

*Boy. QFrtnkf! Oiutvpfliop, (hutvpfhop. 
Spend. Shut vp (hop,boy, why? 

yoj. My MafUr is cornc from the Court knighted, and bid 



t tints TH Q 

* ... 

vi, for he fay** he will hauc thefirft'yeare of the reigneof hi* 
Knighthood kept holiday ; here he comes. EnltrfirLwntll, 

SpfJ. Godgiue your worihip ioy,fir. 

Sir Lion. QPrtnckftl haue theworfhip now in the right 
kinde, the fword of Knighthood fticks ftil vponmy (houlders, 
andlfceletheblowinmypurfe, it has cue two leather bagges 
afunder 5 but all's one, honour muft be purchac'd : I will giue 
ouer my Qcty coate, and betake my fclfe to the Court iacket; 
as for trade , LwiH-dcalein't no-longer, I will fcate thee in my 
fhopi and it (hall be thy cart to aske men what they lacke, my 
ftockcftuilbefummcdvp, and I will call thee to an account 
for it. 

Spend. ; My feruicc fir, neuer defcru'd fo much, . 
Nor <ould I euer hopcfo large a bourn y 
Gould fpring out ofyourloue. 
i Sir'Lien* That'sallone, 
J do lone to do things beyond mens hopes, 
f. To morrow I-remooue into the Strand, 

-There for this quarter dwelt, the next at-Ar/&M 
He that hath choice, may (hift, the whilft (halt thou 
Be malfter of this houfc, and rent it free. , 

Sptnd* Ithankeyoufir. 

Sir IMM, To day He go dine with my Lord Maior r to mori 
TOW with the Sheriffs, and next day with the Aldermen, Twill 
fprcad the Enftgne of my knighthood ouer the face of the Cit 
ty, which {hall ft r ike as great a terrour to my enemies , as cuer 
T^mberUtnt to the Turkes. . 
Come Frank?, come in with me, and fee the meate, 
Vpon chcwhich my knighthood firftrhall catc. Exiomnes^ 

Staift. There is a diuell has haunted me thefe three yearcs, 
tn4ikne(Ie ofan Vfurer , a fellow that in all his life neuer eac 
three groat Joaues out of his owne purfe, nor neuer warmed 
him but at other mcns fires, neuer fa w a ioynt of mutton in his 
owne houfe thefc foure and twenty ycares but alwaycs cofo- 
jiedthcpoorcprifoncrs, forhealwayes bought his viftualls 

R 3 


out of the almcf-basket , and yet this rogue now feedes vpon 
cipons which my tenants fent him out of the Countrey j_hc it 
Landlord forfooth oner all mypoflcflions : well, lam fpcnt, 
and this rogue has confumed me \ I dare not walke abroadc to 
fee my friends, fpr feare the Serjeants ftiould take acquain 
tance of me : my refuge is/r*AnW, or Virginia j ncccfli: it cries 
out,andIwillprefcntIyto*Ff^v/fcr. Enter 'Bubble. 
How ndw ! B*bbtc\\ii(\ thou pack'd vp all thy things/ our par* 
ting time is come : nay pre thee doe not wecpe. 

Smb. Affedtion fir will burfl out. 

St nines. Thou haft becne a faithful! fcruant to me, go to thy 
vnclc , hee'l giue thee entenainement , tell him vpon the fto*. 
nie rocke of his mercileife hart my fortune* fuflFer fhipwtacke. 

'Sub. I will tell him hei* an v Curing rafcall, and one that 
would do the Common -wealth good , if he wef changed. 

State<. Which thou haft caufe to wi(h for r thou arte his 
heirc, my arTcclioqatc B*bblf. 

B*J>. But Maftcr, wherefore /hould we be parted? (full* 

Stunts. Becaufe my fortunes are defperatc, thinr arc hope. 

$*b. Why but whither ^oe you mcanc to goe Mailkrf 

Staintt. Why to Sea. 

'Bub. Tofca! Lord blcflc vs, methinks Ihearc-ofateinpcft 
already. , but what will you doe at Sea ? (pyrate. 

Statnct, Why a-? other Gallants <toe that aw fpent, turne 

.fftf^O Mauler/ hauethe grace of Wap^mg before your 
eyes, remember a high ride, giuc not your friends caufe to wee 
their handkerchers : nay Maifter,. Jle tell you a better cturfe 
then Go, you and I will goe and robbemine ynclr -, ifwe fcape, 
wcc'le dominierc together, if we be taken, weclc be banged 
together at Tyburne , that's the warmer gallowes of the two. 

Afef, By your leaue fir, whereabouts d w els one M. 

'Bub. D oey on hrarc, my friend, doc you know M. 
ify ou doe fee him / 

cJWi/l No in truth doe I not. 

Bub. What is your bufmcffc with Maifter Bubble! 



, Marty fir, I come with wclceme newestohim. 
Hub* Tell itj my friend,! am the man. ' 

Lftfif* May I be aflurcd fir, thw your name is mafter */* f 
B*b. I tell thcc,honeft friend, my name is miftctSMte, 

Maftcr Bartholomew 'Bubble. 

<J*fef Why their fir,you areheifef to a million, for your ro 

de the rich vfurer is dead. M 

rrs, and bid him fend me a new melancholy hat, and cake th'ou 

C>^/*/r I w ill fir. Exit. 

,. -t 8nterwth 

Bub. Vmh,vmh,vmh. 
-SUi- 1 would the newes Weretnw ; ! fee howmy Httlc BMle 
is;blo*vne,vp with'c ! (there? 

JJ*^i Dbeyou heare 1 ; my frienrf J for what doe y ou in ocke 

a. 3/^ r> ^Marry fir', I Would fpeake with the worfhipfull 
M after ^M/^ 
< #. The worfliipfull / and what would you doe with the 

orftripfuU Ma(Ver^^/tf / I am the man. 

2. vWSr/; Icty your worship mercy then, Mailer Thong the 
a'ker fern me toy our worfhipi fo giije you notice , that 
your vncle is deadi, and'that you ire his o fitly he ire. Exit. 

'But., Thy>newes is g6od, and I haaelook'd for't long^ 
Thankewttotlice,my;fri;cnd, and goodmart Thong. 

Stainet. Certainely, tlii newtfs is true : for fee anorhe^by 
'Scriuencr / nowMC^Aiw4*i whither *way fo faft? 

ec^m^r, Cod fane you, where is your man f 
. Why looke you fir, do you not fee him ? 
Bit. God faue the right worfliipfull maftcr 'BnM^ Ibring 
youhcauy newes with a lightllearc. 
B*b* What arc you? 

'JBla. I am your worfliips poore Scriuen<?r. 
Bub. ,Hc is an honcft man it fcems,far he has both hi*eare5. 
I an> one that your wor&ip*Vncle committed fome 

tru (Hn for the putting out of his mony, and I hope I (hall haue 
the putting out of younifr 

Bub. The putting out of mine! would you haue the putting 
our of money? . -. . ' . 

. Ycafir. ' ' 

*t>. No fir, I am oldc chough to put out my ownc mony. 

3/4. 3 hauc writings of your wotfliips^ 
. St*. As thouilotfft thy gr f,bpld thy tongue, them and I 
Will conferre. - ' , -I:.' .. . , <:* 

Buk Do you heare, my friend , can you tell mewbcn, and 
how my vncle died/ (Batcher / ' - 

RU. Yes fir, be died this morning , and bee was kill'd by a, 

B*b. How? by a Butcher ? 

' Bfa -Ves indcjodiv , fon^oing,this.moroirjg into the Mar- 
kcc , to cheapen mcatc , bee fellaownc ftarkc.Sead , becaufe a 
Butcher ask'd him fourc fljilling's for a^Ciouldcr of Mutton. 
I tf, Hqw fiark dead. ? ,& could HQ< 4q?*vit<t &Xc.h h|m again? 

Bla. No.fir, norRofafefa neither, and yet there watritfl 
prtdeofbotk -rH* . ^ 

B*. IfliaIiloue^iMito!&^ 

St4* WilUt pljeafe your worfliip to accept of rriypox>refcr. 
uice^ y.QU know my eafeUdefperate, 1 bcfcech you that J may 
fce^l vpon your brjr><J,iho it beipf thcbrowneft ,' abd drlnke of 
your drinjcc thojtbei>f^h^fmallcrt, for I am humble in^bftdy, T 
?^d deleted in Kiinde, and will do your woi/hip as godd icr 
ulce for forty fiiillings a;yeare, ar another fliall for 3. pounds. 

'!5*^ I vyii- not "ftajid wicJiyoo .for fuich a oiittefjbtc-*ufe^bu 
hauc4>eene my mifte r, but otberwife,! will emejrtaihe no man 
wjihoutloroc Knight? or l/adiesXetter for their btfhauiour, 
6>/w4/iIfakeitisyour.chaftenn?rnei . 7 .vu 
5f4. -YcsjOtpleft^your worship. r\.''." 

*Bttb a Well Geru*fe t bt i gocid/erUant 4 ac d you (hall finde 
rpeadutifall mafter :, and becaufe ^rou.bfviePceDe Gehtle- 
wan , I will entc'rtaine^you for my Tutor in ^*haoioilr.; Gcp. 
/^jiii5kmtiomypaHatc. Ex/wttiwHi, '.I .' -r.1 

C'^ A $ little children ipue to pUy wish fircf ^ 


. , . 

"V ' , ~ ~ ~~~ : , " ~ ~~ : ~~~~ -^-T~ 


And will not Icaue till they thcmfclucs doe burne, 
Sodidlfondly dally with Dcfire: 
VnclllLoucs flames grew botc, I could not turne, 
Nor well auoyde ; but figh and fob,and mourne 
' .As children doe, whenas they fede th paine, 
Till tender mother fciflc them whole againe. 
Fie, what Tnfauery ftuffe is this ! but flic*?, 
Whofe mature iudgcrncnt can diftin gui & things, 
Will thus conceit; talcs that are harfhcflfeld, 
Hauefmootheft meanings, and to fpcake arebold;: . 

It is the tuft-borne Sonet of niy braine, 
Wcfuck'dawhitcicafcfrommyblackc-JippMpcnne ' 

' '',.,, So fad employ meat, . Enter Will Raft MtA LoHgfielsl. 
Yet th<p dry paper drinkes it yp as deep, - 
As,if it flowed from PttrArky* cunning -QiiilL. 
, R*& t How now I whatKaue we hcrc, a Sonet and a Satire 
couple;d togethet like rny Ladles l>o,ggc and per Munkiej As 
tittle children &c< ; 

,' Om prekhee away,bytbfcdccpeH bathtnat^anbefworne, 

thou (halt not r cade it , by our fricndfliip Iconiure thce , pre 

. thcc let goe. , 

^.Jslowinthe'ntmeofC^, whatwant'fttbott, 

on, adoue, a mate, a turtle, doftlouefdwk,ba/ 
no, {hcc's fairer thrice then is the Quecntj 
horn beauteous Venw called is by name , pre 
know what fiic is thouloucft,thatJ may ihunBc her, iflihould 
. chance to mectc her. 

Why lie tcUyou fir what; ifyou d<? not Icnetw. 
. No nof i,ljppotcft. Zg. Why t'is your fiftcr. - 

How! my fiftcrf '&*& Ys,yqurfrldeftfifter , 
,1 Raft.* Now God'btftffe" thjen}4ii,Ce had bettcf ^huXc a wench 
that has been borne and bred in an at!e"y, her tongue-is aperj>ca 
tuall motion, Thow^ht if^not 'Ib-Twifrasit^ipiod for pride,thc 
tan <o her v thou could^ft aeUer hauc 

V(a4i|^ wptnan 
' in 

i-^. - 

(jrtent* Tu 

in progrefle , any man that comes in the way of fionefty does 
{he fet her marke~vpon , that is , a villainous Jeaft ; for me is a 
Icindr of Poeteffe, and will make Ballads vpon the calueiof 
your legges : I prc thce let her alone, (hee'i ncner mak a g<k>d 
wile for a'ny manynlcflc it be a Leather dreflcrj for pcrhapt 
he, in time, may turne her. 

ger. Thou haft a Priuiledge to Ttter this, 
Bur by my life my ownc bloud could not fcape 
A chalticemenc for thus prophaning her, 
Whofe vertues fits abouc mens calumnies, 
Had mine owne brother fpoke thuiliberally, 
Myfuryfhould haue taught him better manners. 

Long. No more words as you fear c a challenge. 

/?4/6. I may tell thcc in thine care , I am glad to heire what 
I do j I pray God fend her no worfehusband, nor he no worfe 
wife : do you heart loue, will you take your Cloak and Rapier, 
and vvalkc abroad into feme wholefome airc f I do much fcarc 
thy i nf cftion, good counccll I fee will do no good on thce, but 
purfue the end, and to thy thoughts,lle prouc a faithfuli friend. 
I : Entef SmM,N**Ti<>ktt*''*iS*v*fmt*, Bat. 

i Spend* Here's afptciousroorneto-walkc ia,firrafetdcwne 
the candle,and fetch vs vp a quart of Ipocras,and fo tvce*l part. 
Sufttr. Nay faith SODOC, wce'l hane a pottle , Icc*s nrYbc 
couctoiK inouryoDgdyc., 

n}. A pottle (kf a 4 doc yoir heatel 
*. Yes fir, you fliall. 
d. H ow no w Wench 1- how^doft ? 
ic^fe. Faith lara fom<whatiicfee, yet IfiiouWbeweHe- 
noughif Iha<i anew0ownc4 

Spend. Why heere s my hand, within thcfe three days tbou 

Sweat. And wilt you (fonne) remember me for a new fore- 
part, by my troth, my old one is wornefo bare, I am a&ain'd 
any body fliottld fert. 

. .'Why, did I ctter faile o 

(jreenes T* 

Svitt. 'No in finceritie didft thou not. *ttr Dr***r. 

Dr*. Heere's a cup of rich Ipocras. * 

Sptnel. Here fitter, mother, and maftcr Purfner j nay good 
fir, be not fodeie&ed, for by this wine, to morrow I will fend 
you ftuffc for a new fuite^nd as much as fhall line you a cloake 
cleane through. 

Turf. I thanke you, and fliall ftudy to deferue. 

Spnd. Hcere boy, fill, and hang that curmogin that's good 
ferno body but hinafelfe. 

Pnrf> Heroickly fpoken by this Candle , t'is pity thou were 
not made a Lord. 

Spend. A Lord ! oy this Light I doe not thinke but to bee 
Lord Maior of London before I die , and haue three Pageants 
carried before me , befides a Shippe and an Vnicornc ; prenti 
ces may pray for that time , for whenfoeuer it happens, I will 
make another Shrouetuefday for them. Sttttr DT#*CY 

3>4. Von g mafter R*fb has fent you a quart of Mali go e. 

Sfend. M.- R*fb! zownds how does he know I am here .' 

Dr*. Nay, I know not fir. 

Spend. Know not / it comes through you and your rafcally 
glib-tongu'd companions, t'is my Matters fonne,a fine gentle- 
roahhU,&aboon companion,! muftgofeehim Bxit Spend. 
. * Swat. Boy.fill vsacupofyourmaligo.wee'ldrinketo M. 
Sfmdfdl in his abfence, there's not a finer limit of a Cittizen 
within the walles , here maftcr P*r/rt you (hall pledge him. 

*Pr^ lie not rcfufcit were it puddle :by Srurhs is a boun- 
tifoll Gentleman, and I fliall report kirn fo : beere M, Tickf*- 
MM, (hall I charge y^ou / 

Tickl*. Doe your worft Sergeant , lie pledge my yoong 
SftmUll* whole fca, as they fay, fa la la la la, would the Mu- 
i'icke wcrchcercagaine, I doe beginnc to be wanton, Ipocras 
firra, and a dric biskct ; here bawd, a carow fe. 

S*e*t. Bawd / 1 faith you beginnc to grow light ith head, I 
pray, no more fuch words, for if you doe, I fliall grow into di~ 

. Diftcnipcrs*' haBgyourdiftempers, be angry with 

C a me 

(jreencs Ttt QuoqueL*. 

mfand th'ou dar'ft, Ip/ay, who feedcs you,buc I ? who keepct, 
the feather-bcddes from the Brokers, but I? tis uotyour faw- 
i>e'face, thickeilowteti creame rampaUlon at home, that 
fnuffles io the hofe lifter decayed Baggr-pipe. 

P*rf t Nay, fweetc Millrh Titk$*-m** t be concordant, re- 
ucrcnccAntiqume. . 

I 8nter Rafb, LoKgficld, and Spend*!. 

Rjijb. ,Sau$you, fwcete creatures of beauty, fauc you; -ft 
1 How no wold e2?f /**#, howdoftthou? 

Sjvftf, Befabitb! Bilx*b*l> in thy face. 

fytd. Nay, good words M ifiris S weatmtn,hec's a youn g ^ 

Gallant, you muft not weigh what he faycs. 

R*fa I would my lamentable complaynlng Louer had 
becne hecre , heere hadbeenea Superfedeas for his melan 
choly, -andyfaiihFr4f^ I am glad my father has turn'doucr 
his (hop to thec , I hope I, or any friend of mine , fliall haue fo 
much ercdiic wkh thec, as to (land in thybookcs for aiuite of 
Sattin. L- - 

Sfend. For a whole peeccj if you pleafe; tny friend of yourf 
fiiaU command me to the lift remnant. - , 

&. Why God a mercy Pnartkf , what, /hall's to dice? 

Dictordrinck* j heerc'sforty.crowncs, as long as 
that will I aft, anv thing. 

R*ft. .Why there fpoke a .gi ngUng B dy. . 

Spend. A-pox-bf money ,t*is butrubbiih^aadhethat hoord't 
k vp, isbUtaS^ancnger: ifthecebcicardes ith houfe, let's goe ' 

j?4/%. Pfimerb! why I thought khoaha^noc been fo much j 

gamfterasJoplayat it/ , -. 

Spttul. Gamfter ^ to fay truth) Tam none , but what i^it I 
wifl notbe in good company ? I will fit tny felfe to ail humors, 
I will game with a Garnftcr ^ drinke with* drunkard, be chull 
with i', fight with-afwaggwcr^ an'd drabbc vvitha 


Rafh. A excellent humour y faiths 
I**< Zownds what hau ewe heere? 

k. This is,no angry,nor no roaring boy.but a bluftcring 
boy; riow Boltu defendvs, whatpttffcs arcthtfc? 

Svag. IdoeTmella - whoore. 

*Z)r4. O-Gcntlcrocn, giat him good .words,hcc 5 s one of th* 
roaring boys. 

Sw*g. Rogue. 

DM. Heere fir. 

S*g. Take t rfcI6ake >' litiliftrnbucldc ,, tny pickled oy- 
fterr worker puffe,puffe. 

Sj>tud. Piiffe, puffe. 

iw^. Doft thouTetorc, in-oppofiticn ftand, 

Spend, Outy on fwaggeiing Rogue, Z,ownds IlekickcMm 
dutoftherbome. ! Bettet him *aj. 

, T*ckf*; Our alas 1 their naked tooles areout, 

Spend, Fftare not (fweet heart; ) cm<ralong with me. 
ft^G'frtredfof*. . Exeunt omnes. 

'G*ar.t* Thrice happydayes they were, and too foone gorrej 
When as the heart was coupled With the tongue, 
And no deceirfull fldttcry or guile : 
Hung on the Louers teare-commixed fmile: * 

Could women learne burthat rmpcrioufneffffj . 
By which men vfe to ftint ourhappinefle, 
When they hauepurchaftTS for to be theirs,, 
By cuftomaric fighs add forced teares, ; ; 

To giuc v$ bittcs of kindncffc left we faint, 
B*it ho aboundance, that weeuer want, 
And ftill are begging ; which too well they know 
Endecres affection, and doth make it grow : 
Had we thcfe {lcight$,howtjappy^vcrc we, then, . 
That we might glorj^ucr loue-fickemen ? 
But Arts we know not^nor haucany skill, 
To faine a fowrc looke to a p leafing will, . Enter hitt. 
Nor cowchafccictloueinlbcwofhatc : 

C 3 


But ifwe like, muft be compaflionatc ; 
Yet I will flriue to bridle and conccale, 
The hid affection which my^eirt doth feels. 

lujce Now the boy with the Bird-bolt be praifdc rnayfairh 
firter forward, tVas an excellent paflion, come let's heart, 
whatishce? if hec be a proper man, andhaueablackteye, a* 
.foooth chinne, and a cutldpotc, take him wench , if my father 
will not confcnt, runne away with Kim , Me help ceo conuey 

Girt. You talke ftra^gely fifter. 

1 leyce Sifter, fifte> r diffkbble not with ra, though you doe 
meane to diflrmblewith ycurlouexj,- though youhauepro- 
cefltd to conccale y our affe&ion$ by this tongue ytufliall nor 
for Pic iiifcoucr all is foont as I know thcGcntleman. 
Gttft. Difcouer, what will you difcoucr? 
Joyce Mary, enough He warrant thce, firft and form oft, Ife 
tell him ehoureadftlouc-parTi ous in print, and fpcakrft cuerie 
morning without booke to thy looking-glafle; next, that thou 
r.cuetffleep'ft , till an houre after the Bell man; that as foone as 
thou au aflccpe, tiiou r*rt in a dreame, awl in a dreame thou art 
the kindeft and corofortabi^efl bed-fellow for kiflfingt nd 
embracings; by this hand, I c?n not reft for thee,buc our fa 
ther. * 

Enter fir Ljvnell. 

LjtHtll. How now ! what are you two confuhing on , on 
hflsbands? you thinke you loofetime I am fure, but holdc 
your owne alittlcGirlcs , itfliall not be long ere Tie prouide 
For you : and for you Gtrtrtd , I ha u c bethought my felfc alrea. 
IThirU-ftt the vfurer is late deceaft, (dy, 

Amanofvnknownewealth, which he has left 
Vnto a prouident kinfman as I heare, 
That was once fcruant to thatrnthrift Staines. 
A prudent Gentleman they fay he is, 
And (as I take ir) called maiftertf#M<r. 
lojct Bmttlt! 
Ljtnell Yes nimb Jc-ch app es , what fay you to that ? 


Scrutnt. Sir fr here*s one come from Maftcr StM>k t to inuite 
you to the funeral! of his yncle. 

Ljincll Thanke the Meffengcr, and make him drinke, , 
Tell him I will not faile to wait t-he coarfe, 
Yet ftay j I will goe talke with him my felfe: 
g*rtred, thinke vpon what 1 hauc tolde yoe, 
And let me er't be long receiue your anfwere. 

Exeunt L)9*tll& Ser. 
loyct Sifter, fiftcr. 
<j*rt. What fay you fitter ? 
Shall I prouide a Cord? 
. A Cord ! whatto doe? 


Nothing, but chat I with his Chv'ftea name were 

G*rt. Sir,Imaryi>itrdifpo<mg ? 4ifny^nii^e 
Stands nor as yet toward* marriage, 
Were you fopleafde I would a !*! longer 
Emoy the quiet of a finglebeci. 

Ljonell H.-crc's the righttrirkoofthem *!!, let aman ? 
Be tnotion'd to Tm, they could be content 
To leadc- a (ingle life forfooih, when the harlotries 
Doe pine and runne into difeafei, 
Eate chalke and oatc-m? ale, cry and creep in corners, 
Which are ra an ifeft coif ens of their longings, , 

And yet they will diffembie . Bat Gmtr^ 
As you doe owe me reuerencc, and will pay it, 
Prepare your fclfc to like this Gentleman, 
Who can maintaine the in thy choice of Gownes, 
Of lyres, of fcruant*, and of coftly Icwells ; 
Kay for a needs, ut of his cafie nature, 
Mai'ft draw him to the keeping of a Coach 
For Countrey, and Carroach for Lo*d*, 
Indeed what natghtft thou not* 

Itjtr Why tolettheeoutatthewinitew, doc not Ikiiow 
rtatthon wile r unnc away with the Gcmlcmaw/or whom yoa 


^-J^L^l _.. , 

(Jreenes Ttf 

made the paflion, rather thehindure this Gmp2?*U/*, that my 
father talkcs of, t'wcrc good you would let mec bcc of your 
counccll, left I breakc the neckt ofyour plot. 

Gart. Sifter, know I loucthce, 
And Tie not thinke * thought cheu (halt not know; 
I loue a Gentleman that anfweres me, 
Inalhhcritcsofloucas/aichfuJly, . 
Has woo'd me oft wirh Sonets, and with teares, 
Yet I fceme ftill to flight him ; Experience tells, 
The lewell that's enioy'd is not eftcem'd, 
Things hardly got,are alwayes highett dcem'd. 

lojct You fay wel fitter, but it is not good to linger out too 
long, continuance of time will take away any mans ftomacke 
i*th world; I hope the next time that he comes to you, Iflufl 
ice him. 

G*rt. Youflialf, 

hjft Why goetothen,yoii fliatlhaue my opinion of him, 

if he deferue thee , thou {halt delay him no longer j for if you 

can not finde in your heart to tell him you loue him , I'le figh ic 

out for you; come, we little creatures moft helpc one another* 

Ext*nt. .E*ttrGtr*ldiHt. 

Ger. How cbeerefully things lookc in this place t 
Tis alwayes Spr ing-time beejre, fuchis the gra^c 
And potencie of her who has the bJiflc, 
To tnak it ftill Eliiemm where Ae is ; 
Nor doth the King of flames in's golden nres^ 
After a tempeft anCvrcr metis defires, 
When as he cafts hi t comfortable bcames, 
Ouer the flowrie Heidi and filucr ftr eamc, 
A her Uludrate Beautie Qrikes in me, 
And wrappes my foulr vp to fell ci tie. 

6ater Gttrtredttnei lojcc tltft. 

Itjce Doeyouhcarcfir? 

G*rt. Why fifter,what will you doe? 

I*jt By my mayden-head , an oath whith Ine'f toke in 
tainc, cither goe down* and comfort bim , otl'le call him vp, 


viiryouhaue no nicicic/ but kt a pro 
cnd the Ipiric of bis youth vpon your 
felfc, fafl inro a confumpr 1 on,for /hame fitter. 

G*rt. Y'are the ftraogeft creature, what would you hatie me 
doe ? 

/jr. Marry, 1 would hiue you goe to him, take Mm by the 
hand,and grype him, fay y'are welcome,! loue you with all ray 
heart, you are the man muft doe the feat, and take him about 
the necke,and kiffe tpon the bargaine. 

Carf. Fiehwyoutalk,'tii meere immodeftie, 
The coo)mon*ft ftrumpet would not doe fo much* 

// . Mary the better, for fuch as are hon eft, 
Should ftill doe what the common ftrumpet will not: 
, w ill you doe it ^ 
/. lie idofc his company for cuer firft . 

. Doc you hearc m? neere's a Gentlewoman would 

*9. Why fifter, pray fifter. 

Ujtt* One that louei you with all her heart, yet is a&tm'd 
to confcffe it. 

*9, Good fitter hold your tongue, I will goc downe to 

bjf*. Doe not lea ft with me, for by this hand l*k eythef 
get him yp , or goc dcwne my fclfe , and reade the whole Hi- 
nory ofy our loue to himu 

Cftrf. Ifyouleforhearetocalljlwillgoedowne. 

Jojct. t et me fee your backe then, and heare you ? doe not 
tfe him fcuruily you were bcftjVnfct all your tyrannical looki, 
and bid himlouingfy welcome, ora I Hue, II eft retch out my 
toice againe 5 vd$ foot, I rauft take fomepames I fee, or wet 
/hall neucr haue this geare cotton : but to fay truth, the fault ii 
in my melancholy Monficur , for if hec had but halfe fo much 
fpirir, as he has fie fti, hcemighthaboorcfcdnerbyrhis. But 
ice, yonder (he rnirches; nowapaflton of his fide of halfean 
houre long, hUhatteitoff already, a$ if he were begging one 
poor e penny- worth of kindncfle. / Enter Gart. 

D Gtr. 

' " 
(jreencs Tu QuoqtteL;. 

(jer\ Shall Jprcfume (faircMiftri)onyourhandtbJayii, f 
vnworthy lip ? 

leyce. Fie vponJiim, Tarn afliam'dtohe arc him, ybu&all 
hauc a Country fellow at a Maic pole, go better to his worke: 
he had n cede to be conftant , for hce is able to fpoiJc as many 
Maides at he (hall fall in loue withall. 

*r/. Sir, you profefle loue vnto me, let me imreate you it 
may appeare but in fomc finall requeft. 

ger. Let me know it (Lady) and I fliall foone >ffc A it. 

^<wr. But for this prefent to forbeare this place, 
Becaufe my father is expe&ed hecre. 

(jtr. I am gone Lady. 

lyee. Doeyouhearcfir? 

Ctr. 'Did you call? 

Jfjee. Looke vp to the window. 

Cffr. What fay you Gentlewoman? 

grt. Nay pray fir goe, it is rry fiftrr call's to haften you. 

lojce, T call to fpeake with you, pray ftayalittle. 

Ctr. Thr Gentlewoman has femr thing to fay tome. 

(/art. She has nothing, I doc coniurc you , as you loue me 


Gfr. ThepmverofMagickecannetfaftenme, I am gone. 
C?4rr. Good fir, lookebackenomore^ what voice ere call 

Jmaginc.going from me, you were comrwing, 

And tfc the fame fpeede, as you loue my fjifety. Exit Ger. 

Wilde wittr d filler, I haue preuentcd you, 

I will not haue my loue yet open'd to him, 

By how much longer 'tis ere it be knowne, Enter leytt. 

By fo much'dearer 'twill be when 'tis purcKaft : 

Bur I tnuft vfe my ftrcngth to ftop h< r iourney, 

For fhc will after him : and fee, /he comes 5 

Nay fifter, you are at furdefh. 

loyct. Let me goeyou were beft,for if you wraftle with me 
thrawyou, paffion, comebacke, fboic, louer^turnea. 
d kiffeyour b-lly iullj 


(freencs Tu QuoqttzJ. 

For heere (he is will ftand you, dc your wbrft < 
Will y oulet me goe? 

Oart. Yc,ifyoulcftay, 

Jtjet. If I flirrc a foote, hang me, you (hall come together 
ofy our fclues,and be naught, dee what you will , for if 'ere I 
trouble my felfc apaine, let me warn help 
In fitch a cafe when I need. 

Cart. Nay buc pre chee lifter be nor angry. 

Ityci. I will be angry, vdsfoot, I cannot indure fuch foole- 
ric, I, two balhfull fboles that would couple together,and yet 
-ha not the faces. 

g*rt. Nay pre thee fweete fitter. 

lye*. Come, conic, let me goe, bird's that want the vfc of 
reafon and fpeach,can cow pie together in one day,and yet you 
that haue both, cannot conclude in twenty. 

<7*rf Why what good would it doe you to tell him/ 

loycc. Doe not talke to me, for I am deafc to any thing you 
fay, goe weepe and crie. 

G*rt. Naybntfifter. c*nt <tmbf* 

nter St tints, **d 4 Driver with mt. 

Sta. Drawer ,bid them make hafte at home, 
Tell them they are comming from church. 

2>4. I will fir. ExitDrtvtr. 

Str That I ftiould liue to be a feruing-man, a fellow which 
fcalds his mouth with another mam porrcdge, brings yp meat 
for other mens bellies, and carries away thcbonrs for his own, 
changes his.clcane tiencrerforafowlcon^, andre gladiof it, 
nd yet did I neucr hue fo merry a life ,whcn I was my makers 
mafl-cr, as now I doe, being man to my man, andlwillftand 
too't for all my former fpeeches , a feruing-man Hues a be tter 
life then his Matter, and thus I prooueit; the fay ing is , The 
nearer the bone the^fwectcr the flefli: then rouft thefrruing- 
man ncedes eatethcfwertcrflefli , for hcc alwayes pickcsthe 
bones. And againc the Prouerb faye$,The deeper the fvyc etrr: 
There has the feruing-man the vantage againc 9 for he drinks 
flill in the bottome of the pot ., hcc fil'.es his belly , and neuer 

D 2 askcs 



askeswUat*stpy? wearei-brad-cloth f and yet Hares walk* 
VVatling-ftrtetc, without any feare of Ms Draper: aid forhi$ 
colour> , they arc according to the fcafon, in the Summer hcc 
is apparrclled (for the moft parr) like the hcauens, in blew, in 
the winter, Jikr the earth, in freeze. 

Enter Bubble* fir LianeU t **d Lxg-fitlti*AStrintklt. 
Bntfee, lampreucntedtn my Encomium, 
I could haur rruintair/d this theame thefc twohoures. 

Lyon. Wcll,God reft his foule, hceS gone, and we muft all 
follow him. 

Bub. 1, 1, hee's gone Mr Lienell. he* gone. 

Lynell. Why tho he be gone, what then? 'J not you that 
can fetch him apaine, with til your cunning, it mud bee your 
comfort, that he died well. 

'Bub. Truly and fo ic is, I would to God I had eene another 
rnckle that would die no worfe j furely I (hall weepe again c, 
if I ftiould firxltny handkercher. 

Loff. How now! what, arc thcfe onions? 

Snh, I, I, fir LjHtclli they are my onion?, I thought to haue 
had them roafted this morning for my cold : GrM*/eyo\n hue 
not wept today, pray take your onions Gentlemen, the re* 
membra: ce of death is (harpe, therefore there is t banquet 
vvifhin to fwccten your conceits : I pray walkc in Gentlemen ; 
walkeyouin, you know I muft ncedes be melancholie, and 
kccpe my Chamber , gcrutfi, v flier them into the banquet. 

Sta. I (hall fir, pleafc you fir LytntU. 

Gentlemen And Ger**fegottttt t 

Ljtnell Well Mailer 'Buttle, wcc'lc goc in and tafte of yout 
In the meane time, you muft be of good cheere* 

Tl*b. Ifgriefctakcnotawaymyftomacke, 
1 Vill haue gqod cbc ere I warrant you Spnte^b, 

Sfn. Sir. 

Bnl>. Had the women puddings to their dole? 

Sfri*. Yes fir, 

And how did (hey take diemf 

(jreencs Tu 

Sprttt. Why wH their hands, how fhould they take rm? 
R*h O thou Htrcttfa of ignorance ! I mca^how were they 

Api-i*. By my troth fir, but fo To , and yet fotnc of them had 

Bub. O infariable women! whom two puddings would not 
fatifie,butvam(h5p/'**r/fc/! > ; biddcyour fellow ^trtinjt conw 
hither: Exit Sf natty. 

And oflfmy mourning roabes, gnefc co the graue, 
For I haur golde, and therefore will be brauc : 
Jn Mikes lie rattle it of euery -colour, 
And when I goc by water, fcorne a Sculler, 
Inblacke carnation vcluet I will cloake me, Enter St*l*i? 
And w hen men bid God fau e rriee,Cry Tu qviqttet 
It is needefull a Gentleman Should fpeakcLatine fometimes 9 
i$ it nor ^<r*4// / 

Sta. O very graceful! fir , your mod accomplice Gentle 
men are knowne by it. 

'Bub. Why then: will I make vfc of that little Ihaue, 
Vpon times and occasions, heere G<rn>tf( t take this bag, 
And runne prefently to the Mercery buy me fcucn ell* ofhorfc 
flcfticolour'dtaffata, nine yards of yellow fattin , and eight 
yards of orenge tawney veluet ; then runne to the Tailers, the 
Habrrdafhers, the Sempftcrs, the Cuiler$, the Perfumers, and 
to all trades whatfoc'r that belong to the making vp of a Gen - 
tleman) and amongft the reft, let not the Barber bee forgot 
ten : and looke char hce bean excellent fellow 3 and. one that 
can fnacke his fingers with dexter itic, 

St*. Tfhallfityoufir. 

B*l>. Doe fo good GtrtM/f , it is time my beard were cor 
rected, for itii grownc fo fawfie , as it beginnesto play with i 
my nofe, 

St*intt. Your nofc fir muft indure it : for it is in parrthe fa-* 

Is it in fafliion ? why then my nofe {hall indure it, Ice 

reenes Tu 

St*. Why now y'arc ith right fir , if you will be true Gal 
lant, you muft beare things refolute, a>thi> fir, if you bcaon 
Ordinary , and chance to laofe your money at play, you muft 
not fret and fume, tearecardes, and fling away dice, as your 
Ignorant ganifter, or country -Gcntlcrr,an doe* , but you muft 
put on a calme temperate action , witha kind ofcarelciTe fmile, 
in contcn^i of Fortune, as not being able with all her cngini 
to batter down on* peccc ofyour eftate, thatyour means may 
betbeaghtiniiincibie, neuer tell your money , nor what you 
haue wonne, rtor what you haue loft : if aqueftion be made: 
your anfwer muft be, what I haue. loft, I haue loft , what I haue 
wonne, I haue wonne ; a clofe 'heart and free hand , make:, a 
man admired, aecftcrne or a (hilling to a feruant that brings 
you a glafle of bcere , bindeshis hands to his lippes, you (hall 
naue more feruicc of him , thenlmMafler, hecvsilibemore 
humble to you, then a Cheater before a Maiftrate: 

Bnlf. Gcritfe. giue mec thy hand , 1 thinkcthou haft more 
wittheirl that am thy M3fter,and for thi Speech onely, I doe 
here create thee my fteward : I do long me * hir.kcs to be at art 
Ordinary, tofmile at Fortune, and to be bountifull : CjeruAfc a- 
bour your bufineflc good Gerttaff, whileft I goeand meditate 
vpon a Gentleman-like behauiour, I haue an excellent gate 
already Gtrnaff t haue I nor? 

St*. Htrenlet himlelf c fir, had neuer a better gate. 

2?*. But difpatch ^rrw^r^hefattin and thcvcluetmuftbc 
thought vpon, and the 7* f**^ muft not bee forgotten : for 
whenfoeuer I giuc Armcs.that (hall be my Motto. Exit Bub. 

StM What a tbrtune had Ithrowne vpon me, when I pre 
ferred myfelfe into this fcllowcs feruice ! indcedcl ferucroy 
fclfc, and not him, for this Golde heerei^ mine ownc truely 
purchafed : he has crcdirc, and fhnll runne ith bookes for't, Tie 
<arry things fo cunningly, that he fhall not be able to looke in 
to nay j&ions, my morgage I haue already go: into my hanus: 
the rent enioyawhile, till his rirt coaftrainc him to 
fell it, which I will purcbafewith his owne money, Irnuft 
chcaicaludc, I haue bccnc cheated vpon , therefore I hope 




the wo,r!d will a little the better excufc mce, whathiivnckle 
craftily got from me, T will knauifhly recoucr of him , to come 
by it, I muft vary Hiapes , and rrjy flrrt fiiift flitll be in fattin : 
TV*/**/ propitious be to my difguife, 
And I ftjdlprofper in my cntcrprife. Exit. 

nttr \ft*d4U, Par/tint, **d* boy ith Rtckets. 

Sfetut. A Rubber firra. 

Bty. Youfhallfir. 

Spend. And bid thofc two men you faid would fpeak with 
me, come in. 

B*y. I v ill fir. ExttBej. 

Sptnd. Did I not play tViu Sett well? 

Etner TM**ckf*ui another. 

Pttrf* Ercelleot well by Phtutoa, bytrefa, it^went as if it 
had cut the Line. 

3?/4, GodWeffc you fir. 

Sftnd. Matter Bltnk* 1 welcome. 

BU. Hr re's the Gentlemans man fir has brought the mony. 

Ser. Wiltpieafeyou tellfir? 

Sf nd. Hau e you the Bond ready matter Sltnke? 

Bl* t Ves fir. 

Spend. Tis wcll|7fytarf, help to tell ^ 10. n. x*. 
What time haue you giuen ? 

Bl*. The thirteenth ofthe next Month*. jf 

Sftmd. Tis well,here's light golde. 

Sfr. "Tw ill b the leflc troublefome to carry. 

Sfend. You fay well fir, how much hatt thou tolde? 

P*rf. In goldcandfiluer here is twenty pounds. 
Bit. Tis right M.Sptnd.tJt, Me warrant you. 

S>ftnd. I'le take your warrant fit,and tell no further , come 
let me fee the Condition of this^ObUgation. 

Purf. A man may winne from him that cares not for't, 
This roy all frfa doth regard no Cafh, 
Hjsthrowncaway as much in Duckes and Drakes, 
As \* ould hauc bought fome 50000 Capons* 

Sftmi. Tis very well j ib,.cndmcyourpcnne 


(jrecnts Tu 

Pttrf, This is the Captaine of brauc Citizen*, 
The 9s4g*mcmnon of all merry Grceke *, 
A St*kftjpt a Skerlejfat his Ipirir, 
Bounty and Royalty to men ac armet . 

Bl*. You giue this as your deed. 

Spend. Mary do I fir. 

BU. Pleafcth this Gentleman to be a w itnefle. 

Sp'ttJ. Yes Mary (hall he, e Pttrfenet, your hand. 

Turf. My hand is at thy feruicc, Noble Brtitt*. 

Sft*J* There's for your kindncflc maftcr/*^ 

"~bU. Ithankeyouhr. 

Sptnd. For your painet. 

Scr. I'le take my leaue of you. 

Spent. What, muft you be gone too, maifter TU 

BU. Yes indeede fir, I muft to the Exchange. 

SpfxJ. Farewell to both, e Pnrfettit, 
Take that twenty pound s,and giue itmiftris S 
Bid her pay her Landlord and Apothccane, 
And let her Butcher and her Baker (lay, 
They're honeft men, and Tie take order with them. 

furf. The Butcher and the Baker then (hall ftay. 

Sfthd. They muft till I am fome what ftronger purfl. 

Pitrf. If this be all, I hauc my errand perfect. ExitPtrf. 

Sf.'xtl. Heere fitra, hcerc's for balls, there's for your ielfc. 

Sty I thanke your woilhip, 

Spend. Commend me to your miftris. Exit Spout. 

Bey I will fir; in good faith 'tis the HberaH'ft Gentleman 
that comes into our Court,why he cares no more for a (hilling 
then I doe for a box o'ch care,God blcffc him. .u>. 

Enter StaintJ Gtttaxt, Lwg-fittttnJi* Serntnt. 
St*. Sirra, what a clocke i'ft ? 
Str. Pafttenncfir. 

St*. Heere will not be a Gallant feene this houre. 
Ser. Within this quarter fir, andlefTe, they mcctc heere as 
foonc as at any Ordinary I'th townc. 

St4. Haft any Tobacco? 

Ser, Yes.fir. St*. FilV 

Z**g Why thou repoft'ft miraclcs,things not to be bclee- 
ued : I protcft to thce, had'ft thou not vnrip'c thy fclfc to mt, 
I ftiould neuer hauc kno wnc thce. 

Sta. I tell you true fir, I was To farre gone, thatdefperati- 
n knocked at mine elbow, and whilpcrcd newcs to mcc out 

Lou. Wll,I'm glad To good an eccafion ftaid thec at homcj 
And mai'ft thou profpcr in thy proic6t,and go ton, 
With bcft fucccflc ofthy inucmion. 

St*. Falfe dice fay Afnen , for that's my induction,- 
I do meane to cheat to day without rcfpedt of perfons: 

Long. This morning at his Charnber^hcelc, be hee<e. 

St*. Why then doe thou giue him my name and f hara<fter, 
for my aime ii wholy at myA\'or(hipfull Matter. 

Lon. Nay thou {halt take another into hi,one that laughs 
eut his life in this Ordinary , thankesany man that winnes his 
meney; all the while his money isloofiog, he fyv cares by the 
croffc of this filu,er., and when it is gone, hce changcthlt to th 

Enter ScAtttr-goodAndNinnie-kammer, 

St4. He,e,'lc be an exc.elleatcoach-horfc formycaptaine. 

Seat. Sauc you Gallants/aueypu. 

Lft: How think ye now? hauel^notcaru*dhimou,ttpyou? 

Su. Th'aftlighte^ineintohislieart, I fee him thrpughly. t 

Sc*t, Ninfii-htnviwr* Nm, Sir. 

Scut. Take my cloake and^apier alfo :' I thi^e it be early; 
Gcodemen, vs/lw time doey^u taj^c if ;o be ? 

Sta. Inclining to clcuen fir. 

$c*t. Inclining / a good word; I would it were inclining 
totwclue, for by myftomackcufliouliibchigh Noonc : but 
whatfiiallwe doe Gallants? {hall we to cardc*, till our Com- 
panycome?, , 

Lone. Pleafcyotifir. 

Star. Ye^ fait h,Glcck, and lhaucntt one Court cardc.bwt 

Seat* Harry, fetch fir Gardes, methinkes'tisan vnfeeme- 
ly fi^ht to fee Gcmlcmcnftand idle, plcaieyoutojmpart your 

Ltg. Wry willingly fir. 

Jn/. In good faith a pipe ofexcellent vapour. 

Long. The belt the houfe yecldes. 

Set t Hid you it in the houfe ? I had thought it had beene 
yourowne: Ms not fo good now as 1 tookeictobe : Come 
Gentlemen, what's your game? 

StM. "Why Gleeke, that's youronely game. 

Sett. Glccke let it be, for I am perfwaded Khali gteekc 
fomeofyoti; cut fir. 

L"ttg. What play we, twelue pence gleeke. "1 

Scat. Twcluc pence, acrownc 5 vds footc I will not fpoilc 
my memory for twelue pence. 

Lo*%. With all my hearr. 

Sta. Honnor. 

Sf4t. What ift, Harts.' 

Sr*. The King, what fay you 7 

Long. You niuft fpeake fir. 

-Scut. Why Ibid thirtccne. St*. Foureteene. 

Sett. Fiftcene. St*. Sutcene. 

Log. Sixteene, feuenwene. Sr*. Youflial ha'tformc. 

Sc<t. Eiphteene. Long. Take it to you fir. 

Seat. Vi'flid rienotbcout.brau'd. 

St*. Ivifir. 

L*g. Tie none ofir. Scat. Nor I. 

St*. Giue me a mournauall ofaces, and a gleek of qur cni 

Long. Andmeagleekcofknaucs. 

Sc^r. Virflidjlam gleck'c this time. E*tevWill R A fk. 

St.n, Play. 

Rafr. Fqnall Tortune? befall you Gallants* 

Scat, ffj/rftij^wr 11,1 pray fee what a vile game I haue 

&. Thou haft a wii dehand inJeed :thy (mall cardc* /fiew 
like a troupe of rcbellcs . and the knaue of Clubbes their chit fe 

Sc*t. Andfnhjydoe asGodfaueme,bvthecroflfeofthit 
filucr he (ayes rrur. nterSj>trxij// t 

SM. Pray, play Cirt 

L**g* Honnor. / 

R*(b. How goe the (tackei Gentlemcn,what*$ won or loft J 
f S/4. This i$ the firft game. 

- Scat. Yes t hi- is the fir ft name, butby thccroffeofthisfil- 
Her heere's all of fiue pourtd*. 

$p.*l, Good day to you Gentlemen. 

%Afb. Fr M#kr welcome by thi hand, how dotllad/ 

Spt J, And how does thy wench y faith. 

R.*jk. Why fat and plump 

Like thy geldings : thou giu'ft them both good prouendcr 
Jt i'ccmcs, go to, thou art one ot'the nudu'ft wagges, 
Of aCittizcn'uhsewnc, the whole company talkesoftbee 

'$*tn4.' Talke, why let ym talke, rdsfoot I pay Tcot and lor, 
and all manner of duettos elfe, as well a the btft of vm : ii m^y 
foe they Toderftand Ikeepea whoorc, ahorfc, and akcnncll of 
hownds, what's that to them f nomansputfe opens* for'tbuc 
mine ownc ; and fo long, my ho wnds fli^ll eate horfe 
bread, and my whoorc weare vcluet. 

Rtflt. W^y there fpoke a courageous Boy. 
.' SfftuL Vd'foote^ fliall I be conftVd all the Hayes ofmy life 
to walke voder a pent-houfc / no,ric take my plcafure whiles 
my youth affoords ir. 

Scat. Bythccrofleofthefchilts, Tic neucrplayatGlccke 
againc, winlft I haue a nofeon my face, 
I f inell theknauery o/the game.' 

Sp<ni. Wy what's the matter? who has loft? 

S^if/Miry that haue I, by the hikes ofmy fword , I haue 
loft forty cro^yns,in as fmall time almoft,as while a man might 
tell it. 

E a $pt*<l. 

Spend. Change your Game for dice, 
We are a full number for Nettttm. 

Scttt. Wit hall my heart, where's M. Amb/lj the Breaker 

Ni*. Sir. 

Scat. Go toM. Ambttjb t and bid him fend me twenty marks 
Tpon this Diamond. EnierTlttbblc. 

Nin. I will fir. 

Long. Look e you (to make vi the merrier)who comes here. 
R*fi. AfrefliGamftc^M.Eo^God faueyou. 
Bnb. Tvquoqtiefir. 
Spend. God faue you Maifter Ttttbble. 

Su. SaueyouHr. 

. Good maiftcr Bubleb 


Scttt. Is your name Matter Bttttler 

2?*. Mai ftc r Buttle is my namCjiir. 

Scat. God faueyou fir. 

Enb. t tit tjMeqttt. 

t t I would be better acquainted with you. 
. And I with you. 
Sett. Pray let vs falute againe. 
Mult. With all my heart fir. 

Lon. Behold yonder the oke and the luy hovt they 'unbrace. 
Rtfr. Excellent acquaintance,they (hill be the Gemini* 
Bub. Shall I defireyur name fir? 
Scat. M*\9ttiScAtterood. 

Bub. Of the Sc*ttcroodi o{L*n4tn ? 

SCM. No indeed fir, of the Sctttergocdt of Hamp&ire* 

Bub. GoodMaiftcr5f4//rrjrW. 

St*. Come Gentlemen, heere'* dice. 

S( *r . Pleafc you aduance to th Table? 
. No inderde fir. 
Pray will yougoe? 

Cjreenes Tu 

I will goe fir ourr the whole world for your fake, 
But in currefie I will om budge a footc. Enter Nittnthammer^ 

AV. Hecrc i? the Cafli you fern me for, and mafter Rtfo^ 
Heere is a Letter from one of your fitters. 

Spend. Ihaue the diee.fet Gentlemen. 

l**g. Fromwhichfifter? 

K.*fb. From the mad-cap, Ilinow by the hand. 

Spe*d. For me, fix. 

Omnes. And fix that. 

St*. Nine; 1,2, 5, 4,5^6,7, and 8 : cightcenc {hillings. 

Sftnd. What's yours fir.' 

Scat. Mine's a Bakers dozen: mafter Bn^lftcl your mony e 

Bub. In good faith I am but a flmplc Gatnftcr , and doc not 
know what to doc. 

Seat. .Whyyoumuftwllyotjrmoney , andhee'lepayyou. 

Bah. My monyl I do know how much my mony h, but he 
' ih'all ttotpay<iie; Ihaue a better confcience then fo : what for 
x throwing the dice twice , y fahh he fbould hauc but a hardbai- 

R*fb. Witty rafcall, Irnuft n cedes a way. 

JL*jf. Why what's the matter ? 

R*/b. Why thefouers cannot agree 3 thou (halt along with 
rne,and know all. 

Ling. But firft let mee inflru<?t thcc in the condition of this 
Gentleman, whom doft thou take him to be? 

R*flt. Nay,hee's a ftranger, I know him not. 

By.thi* light but you doc, ifhis beard were off, 'tis 

Rafi. The diuell it is as foone : and what's his purpofe in 
this fguife ? 

L"fr Wn T *hrathig , doe^you not fee how he playes vpon 
his worfliipfiill Maifter.and the reft. 
M*J&* By my faith hedriwcs apace. 
Spend.. A pox vpon thefe dicej grue's afrefli bale. 

.' Ha ha, the dice are nee to be blamed,*' man may per- 

E 3 . ceiue 


ttiH'n no Gentlemanly e*mft-r,by his chafing : do you 
here, my friend, fill me a glaflc of bccrc, and ther' a ihillii.g 
for your paines. 

Dr4. Your woifiiip (hall fir. 

R*fr. Why how now Fr**^-. what haft Ift? 

Spend. Fifteen* pounds ai.dvpwardc : mhcrtneueraaho- 

oxfiw^. What, doe you laclcc money fir? 

Sf <i. Yes, canfl ftirn(h me? 

Xw^. Vpon i f uffic s cnt pawne fir. 

Spend. You know my ( my man deiiutr you a piece 
ef three pile vtluet, and Icttochaueas much you 
dare aduentur e vpon'c. 

Amb. YoufViaJlfir. 

Sp'vtl. A pox of this lucke,it will not lad euer: 
Piy fir, Tie fer you. 

frajtj. Fr*k<y better fortune befall thee: 
mutt cake my leaue, for I muft leaue you. 

Sr^f. Mart you neede* be gone? 

/(4/&. Indeede I mu(!. 

$ub. Ettuqtocfue? Long. Yectrue!y 

Ac yourdiiLrctions 
Farewell. Exeunt 

Sr. Cry you mercy fir , I am chancM with you all Cent-k 
en : hecre T haue 7, hcere 7, and bcerc 10. 
Spend. T'is right fir, and ten that. 
Sub. And nine thac. 

SM. TWO fiues at ill. f Dr*tt *//. 

TSwb. Oieandfiucthar. 

SP^. Vmh, and can a fuite of Sat tin cheatc fo gr*(Tely ? } 
By tliis light there'* nought on one die bucue and fixes, 
^. Conv 

fe*J. Nofir,Ihau^^iun?. ^., . 

Sr//. Wny thcmlcc VfcalllcauCjforlthinkediana's nee 


Dr4. Your meaiSvpon the Table. 

Seat. O ^theTabMcomeGentlernenj 
wrong :M. Bubble, what haur you loft? 

Bub. That's no matter , what I hsruc loft, T hauc lofrj nor 
can I chufe but fmile at the foolifhnes of the dice. 

S/4. I am but your (Icward Gentlemen,. for after dinner! 
may reftore it a*ine. 

Bub. M. Scrtter-gbod, will you-walke irr > 

Scat. I'lc waitvpon you fir, come Gentlemen, vvillyou 
follow? Exit: tHtneHtSpeitdfttt&StttiHes. 

Sta. Yes fir,I'lc follow you.. S/r Hear e you 

S/*. Ten if youplrafe. 

Spend. I hauc K>tt fifteene pounds.. 

Sf4, Andlhaucfourad it 
Spend. You fay right, found it you haueindeed^ 
Butneuerwotineit : doe you know this die^ 

SM; Not I fir. 

Spe*d. You fecme a Gentleman ;. atidyon 

T hauc fome refpe&vnto your credite, 
Totake you thus afide , will you reftore 
What you ha drawne from me vnlaw fully .' 

Sta. Sirra,by your out-fide you le.f me a cittlz^ ri, 
Whofe Coekef-combj I were apt enough to breakc, 
But for the Lawe ; goe y 'are a prating Facke, 
Nor 'istyour hopes, of crying out for clubbcs, ' 
Can faife you from my chaflicemenr, if once 
You (hall but dare to vtter this againe. 

Spend. You lie, you dare pot. 

SM. Lie! nay villainc,nowthoutemptft meto thy death* 

Sp **d. Soft, you nauft buy it dearer, 
The txftblouuflowes within you is the price. 

St4. Darft thou refift,thou art no Cictizcn , 

Spend. I am a Cittizen. 

St*. Say thou arte a Gentfeman, and I am fatisrled, 
For thcn-I know rheu'lt anfwcr me in field. 

He fay dirc&Jy what lam,aCitizen, 


And I will weete thce in the field as faircly 
As the beft Gentleman that weares a fword. 
S*4. I accept it, the mtmg place. 
SptnJ. Beyond the Maze in Turtle. 

Sr*. What weapon? , o 

Sfaul. Single rapier. ,,,? 

S/4. The time. 

Spend. To morrow, u%$ ,M . 

S/<e Thehoure. 

i. Twixt nine and ten. 

Tit good, I (hall expect you , farewell, 6 *. 
Farewell fir. 

Enter Will Rtfi, Long-ficldy^md lojce. 
. Why I commend tkec Gcrle , thou fpcak'ft 'as thpu 
thinkft, thy tongue and thy heart are Relat iues , and thou \vcrt 
notmyfiftcr,Ilrxouldatthlstimcfallialouewiththec. 4i> j 

lojee. Youfliouldnotaeed, for and you were not my bro 
ther , I (hould fall in louc withyou , for I louc a proper man 
with my heart,and fo docs all theSe* ofvs, let my fifter diflem . 
ble neuer fo much, I am out of charity with thefe nice and fque- 
miflitticks, we were borne for men, and mcxrfor vs, an4wce 
muft together. 

R*Jb. This fame plainc dealing is a Icwcll in thce. 
lojcf. And let mec cnioy that Icwcll , for I louc plaine dea 
ling with my heart, 

Rtfh. Tfca'rt a good wench y faith, 7fliouldneucrb*a/ha- 
mcd to call thee finer, though thou fhouldft marry a Broomc- 
man: but your louer roe thinkes is oner tedious. 

Enter GtraldtHC. 

Ivyct ^Jo^ookeyefir, could you wifli a man to come better 
vponhis q, let TS withdraw. 

R.*fb. Clof,clofc, for the profccution of the plot, wench, 
Sec hcpreparcs. 
J*jc*. Silence. 

<jr*tt t The Sunne is yet wrapt in ^^rr4</rme* t 
And lull'd witk her delight,, forgets his creatures: 



- - - ' T -*- "^ 

' '" ^f XV "1 


Awake them god of beat e, 

I call thee vp, and tafcke ihee for thy flowncflc; 

Poy nt all thv beames through yonder flaring glafTc, 

And raife a beauty brighter then thy felfcj 

Mufitions, giue to each Jnftrumcnt a tongue, 

To breathe fwcete mufickc in the cares of her 

To whom I fend it as a mcflenger. Enter g*rtred aloft. 

Gtrt. Sir, your muficke is fo good,that Iniuft fay I like it; 
but the Brin ger fo ill welcome, that I could be content to Ipofc 
it : rfyou plaid for raony, there 'tis; ifforloue, hecre's nonej 
if for goodwill , 1 thanke you , and when you will y ou may be 

ger. Leauemenottntrancd : fing not my death, m 
Thy Toyce is able to make Satires tame, 
And call rough wind cs to her obedience. 

G*rt. Sir,fir,our cares itch not for flattery , hcerc yeu be- 
iiege my window, that I dare not put forth my felfe to take the 
gentle Ay re , but you are in the fieldes , and volley out your 
woes, your plaints, your loues, your iniuries. 

Ger. Since you haur heard, and know them, gtue redrefle, 
True beauty Heuer yet was mercileffe. 

Garr. Sir, reft thus fatisfic d ,my minde was neuer woman, 
neuer alter'd, nor (hall it now bcginne i 
So fare you well. Exit Q*rt* 

Rafi. Sfoot, flic playes the terrible tyrannizing Ttmberhine 
ouer him , this it is to turne Turke,from a rnoft abfolute com- 
plcate Gentleman , to a mod abfurd ridiculous and fond lo- 
Uer. -' f . 

Long. Oh, when a woman knowei the power and authen 
tic of her eic. 

Io)t< 9 Fie vponher, (hce's good for nothing thcn,no more 
then a iade that knowes his owne ftrength :Thc windoweii 
clafpe d , now brother , purfue your proicdt, and deliuer your 
friend from the tyranny of my domineering fitter. 

Rtfi. Doe you hcare , you drunkard in loue } come in to 

C/reenes Tu 

TS an.' beruled, you wouMlittletliinkr^ that the wench that 
talked fo fctiruily nut of the window there, is moreinamo- 
rfiionshee then t/iouon her : nay, lookcyounow, fccifhee 
nirnc not away flighting our nood coii'.ccll : lamnoChri- 
Pi-njf flicc doe not figh, whine, and^row fickefor thec: 
1 >ukeyoufir, I will bring y^u in good witncflTeagainfther. 

lojce. Sir, y'are my brothers friend, andl'lrbeplainc with 
you, youdoenottakcthecottrfeto winne my fitter, butindi- 
re^ly goe about the bufli . you tome and fiddle hecrc , and 
keepeacoileinverfe : holdeofFyoui hatt, and begtokifle 
her hand, \\hichmakcshcrprowd. But to bee fliort, in two 
Hs-csthus it is : 

Who moft doth Joue,rnuft fceme moft to negleft it, 
F0r thofe that fliew moft loue, ire leaft refpe^cd. 
' L**g. A good obreruationbymy faith. 

Rift. Well tim inftruftion comes too late now, 
Stand you clofe, and let me proTccuce my inuention, 
Sifter, O fitter, wake, arife fiftcr. 

Cart. How new brother, why call you with fuch terrour? 
Rajh. How can you fleepefo found, arid hcare fuch gtoanes, 
Sohorride and fo tedious to the care, 
That I was frighted hither by the found ? 

fitter, heerc lies a Gentleman that lou'd you too deercly, 
And himfelfe too ill, as by his death appeares, 

1 can report no further without tcares; 

Long. V-lncn he carne'firft, death fiartled in his eyes, 
Hii hand Kad not forfooke the dagger hilt, 
But ftill he gaue it ftrcngth,as if he fcard 
He had not fent it home vnto his heart. ^ 

(j*rt. Enough, enough, 
If you will haue me liue, giue him no name., 
Sufpition tells me 'tis my Geraldtnc: 
utbcity'homitv\illj Tie come to him, 


To fuffer death as re folur e as he. Exit G*t. 

R<tfb. Did not I tell you 'twould take, downe fir cjo wne. 

(jer. I gbe(Te what y 'otild haue me doe. 

Ltng. O for a Jittle bloiid to bcfprinckle him. 

R*fi. No matter for blood, Tie not'fuffer her to come neare 
him, till the plot haue tane his full height. 

Gtr. AfcarrTeoremyface, left I betray my fclfc. 
Enter Gtcrtrcdbclotve. 

R*Jb. Heere,heere, lie fiiil, file comes, 
Now Mercttrie, be propjtious. 

<j*rt. Where lies this fpeftaclc of blood/ 
This tragickeSeeane. 

Rtfi. Yonder lies GertUine. 

(jtrt. O let me fee him with his face of death ! 
Why doe you ftay me from my Gcr*M*e f 

R*f&. Becaufe, vnworthy as the 
^_i ' - 

t lou art, thou (halt not fee 
The man now dead, whom lining thou didft fcorne, 
The worft part that he had, defcru'd thy beft, 
ButyetVbntcmn'd, deluded, mock'd, defpifde by you, 
Vnfit for aught but for the gcncrall marke 
Which you were made-for, mans creation. 

Gart. Burft not my heart before I fee my Loue, 
Brother, rpon my knees Ibeggeyourleaue, 
That I may fee the wound of CjerMnt , 
I will embalme his body with my teares, 
And carry htm rnto Itis fepulcher, 
From whence Tie ncuer rife,but be ioterr'd 
In the fame duft he (hall be buried in. 

Lfttg. I doe protcft 0>ee drawes fa^ teares fronvrnc, 
I prc thee let her fee her Cjertldint. 

g<*rt. Brother, if e're you lou'd me a$"a(rftcr, 
Depriue me not the fight tfGcrAldwc. 

R*fi. Well, I am contented you (hall touch his lippe?, 
But neither fee his face nor yet his wound, 

g*rt. Not fee his face? - 

>, R*fi. 


Cjreenes Tu 

May, I ha ue fw ornc it to the contrary; 
Nay, harke you further yet. 

G*rt. What now? 

R*J!>. Buterekifle, nomore. 

G*rt. Why then no more. 

**/&. Marry this liberty Pie erne you, 
If you intend to make any fpeach of repentance 
Ouer him, I am content,(o if be fliort . 

Grt. What you command is Law,and I obey. 

lojce. Peace, giue care to the paffion-. 

<j*rt. Before I touch thy body,I implore 
Thy difcontented ghoft to be appeafde : 
Send not vnto me till I come my felfe : - 
Then (halt thou know how much I honor 'd thec. 
O fee the colour ofhis corall lippc! 
Which in dci'pight of death liues full and frcfh, 
As when he was the beauty of his Sex : 
T'wcrefinne worthy the worft of plagues toieauethee; 
Not all the ftrength and pollicie of man 
Shall fnatch me from thy bofome. 

Long. Lookc, looke, Ithinke (liee'l rauifli him. 

R*/b. Why how now fifter? 

Gart. Shall we haue both one graue? here I am chain'd, 
Thunder nor Earthquakes fliall fliake me off. 

R<Jb. No?I'lc try that, come dead man, awake ,vp with your 
bag and baggage, and let's haue no more fooling. 

Gun. And Hue's my GertlMru? 

R*fi. Liue?faithl, 

Why fhould he not? he was ntuer dead, 
That I know on. 

Ger. It i s no wond er GcrMne fliouid liue,- 
Tho he had emptied all his Yttall fpirites, 
The Lute of Orphcw fpake not halfe fo fwccte, , 
When he defccnded to tV^infernall vaults, 
To fetch againe his faire uridict t 
Ai did thy fwcctc 

(jreenes Ttt Q 

Gtrt I'lc excrcife that voyce, finceit doth plcafcr 
My better felfe, my confiant Cjfr^ldine.- 

loyce. Why To h, hccre's an end of an old Song, 
Why could not this haue beene done before 
Ipray x ? 

G*rt. O y'are a goodly fitter, thw is your plot : 
Well, I fhall liue one day to requite you. 

loyct* Spare me not, for whcrefocuer Ifetmy afFe&ion, al 
though it be vponaColliar, if Ifallbacke , vnlefle icbecin the . ' 
right kind c , bindemcctoa (take, and let mee be burned to 
death withchar-coale. 

R*fk. Well , thou art a mad wench , and there's no more to 
be done at this time , but as wee brought you together , fo to 
part you, y ou muft not lie at racke and manger : there be thofe 
vrithin, that will forbid the banes, Time muft fhake good For 
tune by the hand, before you two muft be great, fpecially yotf' 
{iftcr ; come leauc fwearing; 

<j*rt. ^Muft w^then part? 

R*fo. Mud you part? why how thinke you? vdsfoote, I do 
tHinke we (hall haueas much ro do to get her from him, as we 
had to bring her to him : thislotie of women is of a ftrange 
qualitie, andhasmoretrickcs then alugglcr. ^ 

Cart. But this, and then farewell. 

Ger. Thy company is heaucn, thy abfcnce hell. 

Rajh. Lord who'ld thinke it? 

lojce. Come wench. Exeunt omnes. 

' ' 

, adStAtes* . 

Spend. This ground is firme and eucn, Tie goe no further. 

Sta. This be the place then, and prepare you fir, 
You (hall haue faire play for your life of me , 
Fpr looke fir, I'le be open breafted to you* 

Spend, Shame light on him that th'mkcs bis fafety lieth in a. , 
French doublet. ft- 

Nay I Vvould Jftrippc my fclfe, would comclincfle 

F 3 


Giue fuffVranec to the deed,acd fight wiih-thec, 
As naked as a Mauritaoian Moore. 

St*. Giue me thy hand, by my brarc I loue thee, 
Thou art the higheitfptrited, 
That eucr Guild-hall tookc notice of* 

Spend. Talke not what 1 am, vnull you haue tried me. 

Sta. Come on fir. Tbejfighr. 

Spend. Now fir, your life is mine. 

Sta . Why then take It, for I'le not begge it ofthec. 

Spmd. Nobly rcfolu'd,! louc tbee for thofc words, 
Hcere take thy armes againc, and if thy malice 
Haucfpent it felfe like mine, then let vs part . 
More friendly then we met at firtt iocountcr. 

St*. Sir, I accept this gift of ^ou,but not your fricndfiiip, 
Vntill I (hall recouer't with my honour. 

Spend. Will you fight againc then? 

St*. Yes. 

Spend. Faith thou doft well then, iuftly to whip my folly. 
But come fir. 
. St*. Hold, y'arehurtl take it. 

Spend. Hurt! where? zowndslfeelcitnot. 

St*. You bleed! am furc. . 

Spend. Sblood,lthinke.youwcareacattcsclawvpon yur 
Rapiers point, 

I am fcratcht indeed, but fmall as 'tis, 
I muft hauc b^od for blood. 

St*. Y'arcbenttokilllfef. 

Spend. No by my hopes, if I can fcape that (inne, 
And kecpc my good name^ Tie neucr ofFer't. 

St*. Well fir, your word. 
Spend. We both bleed now I take ir, 
And if the motion may be cquall thou.oht, 
To part with clafp'd hands : I fiiall firft fubfcribe. 

St*. It were vnmanlioeffe in me to rcfufc 
The fafety of vs both, my hand fhall ncuer fall 

From iucn a charitable motion. 



SffnJ, TheiiToync we both, and heefeeurmaJicc ends, 
Thofoes we came ro'ihfieM.wee'ldcpartfrends. Extttnt. 
Enter: fir Ljontll And* Servant. 

'Lyon. Come,comc,folIowrnekn3ue,followme,I haue the 
beft nofe 'ith houfe, I .think e-, either wee fhall hauc rainie wea 
ther, .or the vaults vriftop'd : firra., goefeCj I would not haue 
mygucflefmelloutany fuch incoiiucnicncc : Doe youhearc 

^* ft 

Ser. Sir. 

Lytn. BidthcKitchin-maideskowrethefincke, and make 
cleane her backe-fide , for the wind lies iuft vpon'r. 

Str. I will fir. 

Lyn. And bid tsJMhon'w put on his white fuftian doublet^ 
for hcc muft wait to day : It doth mec fo much pood to ftirrc 
and talke, to place this, and difplace that, that ! fhall neede no 
Apothecaries prefcriptions, I hauc fcnt my daughter this mor 
ning as farre as Pimliko to fetch a draught of Darby ale, that it 
may fetch a colour in her cheeke*, che puling harlotric looks 
fo pale, and it is all for want of a man, for fo their Bother 
would fay; Gfod reft her foule, before flic died, Exit Strttant, 

Ser. Sir, the Gentlemen arc come already. 

Lyen. Howknaue, the Gentlemen ! 

Ser. Yes fir, yonder they are. 

Ljonell. Godsrprctious, we are too tardte , let onebefenc 
prefchtly to meete the geries, and haften their comming home 
qiiickely : how doft thou ftand dreaming ? Gentlemen, I fee 
you loue me , you are'carefull ofyour hoiire ; you may be de- 
ceiued in your cheare, but not in your welcome. 

Bub. Thankes, and T quo^ne is a word for all, 

ScAtterg. A pretty concifc roomc : fir Lentil, where are 
your daughters? 

Ljon. They are at your fcruicc fir, and forth comming. 
L Bub. Gods will CjeruAfe! how ihall I bchauc my fclfc to 

the Gentlewomen ? 


Tu Quop 

ftrike not too high, 

S/4. Why aduance your felfe toward thrm, witha 
fleppe, andmyourfalute, becarefull 
norcoolowc, and afterward for your difcourf 
cjtte will bearc you our. 

Ttub. Nay, and that be all, I care not, for I'lefet a good face 
on't, that'* flat : and for my neather parts, let them fpcakc for 
thcmfelucs : here's a leggc, and eucr a Baker in England (hew 
jnc a better, I'lc gjue him mine for nothing. 

St*. O that'* a fpeciall thing thac I muft caution you of. 

Bttb. What fweete Qeriuft* 

S/4. Why for commending yourfelfei neuer whileftyou 
liue commend yourielfe: and then you (hall haue the Ladies 
themfelues commend you. 

Bub. I would they would clfc. 

St*. Why they will I*le aflurc you fir, and the more vilely 
you fpeake of your fclfe, the more will they ftriue to collaud 

inter G*rtred*nd lojce* 

Hub. Let me alope co difpraife my fclfe, 
Tie make my felfe the art anccft Cockcf-combe within a whole 

Ljonell. Heere come the Gipfies, tVieSunne-burn'dgerlcs, 
Whofe beauties will not vtter them alone, 
They muft haue bagges although my credite crackc for'r. 

Bub. lithUchtfUcftfir? 

Lyontll. Yes marry i fhe fir. 

B*b. Tie kifle the y oogeft firft, becaufc (he likes me bft. 

Seat. Marry fir, and whileft you are there,l'lc be hcere : 
O delicious couch! Ithmkeinconfdence 
Her lippcs arc lined quite through with Orenge Tawny vel- 

Bub. Thry ki(Tc exceeding well , I doe not thinke but they 
hauebeene brought vp too't, I will beginne to her like a Gen 
tleman mafrc fpccch . Fairc Ladic,(halllfpcakcaword with 

Icytf. With me fir? 


Sub. With you Lady, this way, a litlc morc,_ 

So now tis well, vrah 

EUCH as a Drummer ,_ or a Pewterer. 

lay. Which of the two no matter, 
For one beates on a Drummc ,tothcr a Platter. 

*Bub. In good fay th fweet Lady you fay true: 
But pray marke me further,! will begin againc . 

loy. I pray Sir doe. 

Bub. tuen as a Drummer, as I fay d before, 
Or as a Pewterer. 

Jay. Very good Sir. 

Bub. Doo doo doo. 

loy. What doe they doo/ 

Bub. By my trch Lady , I doe not know : foe to fay troth, 
I am a kind of an Afle. 

loy. HowSir,aoA(Tc? 

Hutu Yes indeed Lady. 

loy, Nay that you are not. 

Bub. So God h a race, I am Lady : you ncuer faw 
an ai ranter Affc in your life. M - 

loy. Why hccr 's a Gentleman your friend, will not fay fo. 

2fo; Y&yth but he (hall : Ho w fay you fir, 
AmnotlanAiTc.' , v.i'l 

Scttt. Yes by my troth Lady is he: Why He fay anything 
my brother # fay cs. . 

gart. Is this the man my Father choofe for mcc, 
to make a H usbarid of? O'God,ho w blind 
are parents in ourloues i fo they haue wcath, : ' 
they care not to what thingcs they marry vs. 

Bub. Pray look cvponrnce Lady. 

Joy. So I doc fir. 

Bub. i but lookc vpon mee well, and tell iec if you cu<r 
fawanymanlookefofcuruily, (doe? .,. i 

loy. Thefcllowfureis frantique. 
L Tlub. You doc not marke mee? 

/*;. Vesiadccdiir. .. . - 


Greenes Tu Qutque. 

Bub. l,butlookevponmccwcll: 
Did you eucr fee a vvorfe timberd Lcggc? 

707. By my fryth tis a pretty fourefquare Legge.' 

*Bub, I but your iourc fquare Legges are none of the bed. 
Oh .' Isrttu, laritis. 

Sta. Excellent well fir. 

X*l>. What fay you now to mec Lad j', can you find 
ere a good inch aboutmee? 

fey. Yes that I can fir. 

Bub. Find it, and take it fwcete Lady: 
There 1 thinkc I bobd her, I*r*is! 

7ef , Well fir. difparadgc not your fclfe fo : for if you were 
The man you'd make your felfc j yet out of your 
Behaviour and difcourfe, I could find caufe enough 

Bah. A ugh / now /bee comes to mcc : My bchauiour ? ala>, 
alas^isclownicall) and my difcourfci* very bld,bald : 
You fhall not hcarc nice brcake a good lead 

. No fir ? why now you brcake a good lead. 

Which yonder Gentleman has : Thcr's a bob for him too : 
There's a G en tic man, and you talkc of a Gentleman? 

7jr. Who hce? hcc's a Coxcombe indeed. 

Sub. We are fworne Brothers in good fay th Lady. 
fitter Scruiwt* 

SfAtt. Yes in truth wee arc fworne Brothers, and do meanc 
to goe both alike^and to hauc Horfes alike, 

ley. And they ihall be fworne Brothers tool 

Scan. If i t pi cafe t hem,Lady . 

Ser. M .^*i///wc/, the Goldlhii th dcfires to fpeake with you. 

Lyo. Bid him come, knaue. 

Sc*tt t 1 woondcr (Sir Ljonell) yur fonne Will'Rfjh is not 

Lj. Is hte of your acquaintance,fir? 

Scrtf. O vtryfamiliar j hcc Arookc rae a boxe on the eara 



ace;anrf from thence grew oiy loueto Win, 

tjo. Itwasafigneofvcrtucinyoufir j burheele be heer* 
at dinner. Maifter 'Ballance,w\\zi makes you fo ftrangc? 
CoroejoirVc welcome : what's the Newes? 

ffa&k. Why fir,theold Newc$;your man/Vmi/royots ftilli 
And little hope of thrift there is in him; 
Therefore 1 come to ad uife your Worship, 
To take fome order whilftthere's fomethmg Icff, 
The better part of his beft Ware^s confumdi 

Lj9 Spcake foftly Maifter 'Vallance, 
But is there no hope of hi $ recoucric? 

"$411. None at all fir 5 for hecs already lay d to be arftcd by 

-Lyo. Well,I doe fuffer for him, and am loath 
Indeed to doc, what I am conftraind to doe t 
Well fir, I meane to ccaze on what i$ left. 
And harke you one word-more.. 

loy. What haynous iirtne has yonder man committed, 
To haue fo great a punifhrnenr, as waite 
vpon the humors ot an idle Foole : 
A very pwrper Fcllow^good Leg^e,goodFac^ 
A Body well proportiond : but his minde 
Bewray es he neuer came of Generous kindc. 

~Enter Will *&&$> and Ger*l&ie. 
Lgo. Goe to, no moreof this at this time. 
What fir, are you comv? 

K*fi. Yes nr,and haue made bold'to bring a Guift'along; 
LJA ' W aifter GetAldmes fonn e of Effexi 
Cfr. Thcfamefir. 

Lyo . Yc're welcom fir,>hen wrl'your Fatherbe in to 
ffer* T'will not be long, fir. 
Ljo. I fhal ! be glad to (ee him when he corns. 

Greenes Tu 

Lyo. In thcmcanc timcyou'rc welcomejpray bcnetflrange, 
Ilcleaucmy Sonnc amongft you Gentlemen, 
I hauc forne bu fines : harkc you M.Ba/tancf, 
Dinner will foone be read ic^onc word more. Exit Ljo,& B*t. 

Rafi. And how does my lit tic Afintts and his 7 ^^<?hcre? 
Oh you pretty fwcet-fac'd rotuts, that for yom countenancet 
might be t/flcxander and Lodwicke What fayes the old man to 
you ? wil't bea march? (hall wcc ca'l Brothers? 

Scttt. Ifay th with all my heart} it Miftns grtrtdv*i\\ t 
wee will be married to morrow. 

Bub. S fotr, if MiV.tisJojcf will, wec'le be married to night. 

Rtfo. Why youcouraiousBoyes,and worthy Wenches, 
made outof Waxe. But what /hall's doe when wcc hauc 
dmde, (hall's goclceaPlay? 

Scttt. Yes fayth Brother : if it pleafc you, lct j s goc fee 

Bttb . 1 care not; any w hither,fc the Clow ne haue a part: 
For Ifay th I am no body without a Foole. 

Ger. Why then w ec'lc goc to the Red Bullj ttcy fay grttift 

Bub. Cjrcene f Greene's an Afle. 

Scttt. Wherefore doe you (ay fo? 

'Bub. Indeed I ha no rca(on : for they fay, hce is as like tact 
as euerheccanlooke. 

ScAtt . Well then,to the Bull. 

Rafi. A good re/olution,continue it r nay on? 

Bttb. Not before theGentlewomenj not incuer. 

R*fi. O while you liue,mcn before women : 
CuQome hath plac'd it fo. 

B*b. Why then Conome is not fo mannerly, as T would be. 

fy/& Farewell M. Sc*tttr-gotd: Come Louer, you're coo 
bufie hcere,! muft tutor } ee : Caft not your eye at thetableon 
each Father will fpie you without Spc Aacles, 
Hcc if a fhrcwd obfcr ucr : doe you hcarc nee ? 

Ger. Very well fir. 

R*jk. Come then go wee togcather, let the Wenches alone. 

Dee you fee yonder fellow? 
Cer. Yes:prctheewhatishee? 

2ty&. He giue you him within,he muft not now be thought 
encbutyoufliallknowhim. Exit%4fi.& Gcrda, 

Gart. Ihaueobfcru'dmyfifter.andhcreye 
Is much inquifitiuc after y ond fellow j 
Shec has cxamin'd him from head to foot ; 
Hcftayandfectheifluc. . 

loy. To wraftlegainft the ftrearoc of our Affection, 
Is to (hike Ayr e, or bffet with the Winde, 
That play esypon vs s 1 faAie;4tjpiu'd tocaft 
This fellow from my thoughts,but ftill he growef 
More comely in iny fight jye,t a flauc, . , 
Vnto one worfe conditioned then a Slaue : 
They are allgone > heer > s none buthee,and I, 
Now 1 will fpcakc tohim : and yet ! will not. 
Oh / 1 wrong my felfc, I will fuppreffe 
Thatinfurreclion Lottt hath tramd in wee, 
And leaue him as he is : once my bold fpirits 
Had vowed to ver, all my .thoughts to him , 

Onwhomlfetlcdmyaitccticnf ., 
And why rty res it now? 

St*. Fight Lout on both fides^ for on mec thou ftxik'ft 
Strokes that hath beat my heart into a flame : 
She hath fent amorous glaunfcs from her eye : 
Which (hauebackercturnd as fay thfully. > 

1 would make to her, but thcfc (cruile Roabci, 
Curbes that fuggeftion^U Tome fitter tune 
Shall bring mec more pcrfwadingly vnto her. 

loy. 1 wonder why he ftay csilfearehcc notes mee, ^ 
For 1 haue publiqucly betray de my fclfe, 
By too much gazing on him : 1 will leaue him. 

Qart. But you (hall notj llensakeyoufpcaketo him . 
Before yougoe. Doeyouhearefir/ , . \ , 

ley. What meane you ..filter/ 

G 3 . How 

(jrtenet Yu Quoqtte, 

How you once tyranizd ouer race? 

loy. Naypiethcclcaufthisicfling, 
T amoutofthevainc. 

G*rt. I,but I am in : goe fpeake to your Louer. 

loy. Ilefirft be buried quicke. 

G*rt, How,.i&amd? S'fottltro, if I had let my aflfctlion 
on aCoJlicr,Idcnere fall backc,vnlefl it were in the righi, 
Iiind:indid,letmecbetyelto aStake, and burnt to death 
with Charcoal*? 

loy. Nay thc$ wee fhall hate. 

fjart. Yes marry fhall you. Si(ter,wiiiyou/[)cak<tohim; 

loy. No. 

Gart. Doe you heare fir ? heer's a Gcodewcinaa woal<j 
fpcake with you. 

ley. Why Sifar,! pray Sifter. 

Cja-t. One that loucs you with all her heart. 
Yet is a&amd to confefle it. 

Sta. Did you call, Ladyes? 

Iffy. No fir, heer^s no one cald. 

Gart. Yes fir twar I, Icald to fpcake with you. 

loy. My Sifter's feme what franriqat j here's no regard to 
be had vnto her clamors : Will y ou yet leauci 
In faythy onle anger roee. 

G*rt. Pauion : Come backe foole loucr, turne againcand 
Icifle your belly fu]l,hcer ? i one will ftand yee, 

StM, What does this meanetroe? 

loy. Ye$ 3 is your humor fpcnt* 

Cjayt. Come let me goe, Birds that want the vfe f 
Re?.f,n and of Speech, can couple together in one day 5 
And yet you that hauc bothjCannofconchidcintwemie: v 
now Siller I am euen with you,my venomcis fpit, (mine: 
As much happmeffc may you cnioy with your louer as 1 with 
Anddroopenotwcnth^nor ncuerbcaihamdofliun, 
The man will fcrue the turnc, though he be wrapt 
In a blew Ccatc, lie warrant him, come. 

/*;. Yo ir r <; mcrreiy difpofcd, Sifter, Exit fTenckft. 




St*. I need* muft profper^Fartimc & Loue worke for jaee: 
Be modcrateifcy loycs j for as you grow to yourfnll heigh:, 
$a Bubbles wsxeth Jew. J?^' 

f Wil 1 my fw ectc </>W*#ke gon<? then? / . 
. s - J mull vpon pyqmiiVv but lie be heci^t iiippcr: 

. The l>ft the Market will yecla 
. Hccr'stwtntic/lnl'.ingsjlproteflljiauclcfcmy feifc 
f but a Crownc, for roy fpeuding mony : for indeed I iatend to 
be frugall,J>nd Uirfic good h.usb^i id. 

TJr^ I marry wjllyou,you*ic to play againe^ loofe your 
. Monie and fail to fightir*g ^ny tery heart trembles to thinke 
on it : how if you had been kiid in the quarrell, of my fayth 
I hid keen but a dead woman. 

Spen. ComCjCome^o more or rPrisj thon coftbut diiTemWc 
Ttckj piflmiblc ? do not you Cay fo ^ for if you dot, 
Gods my iudge lie giue my fclfe a gafli . 
Spend, A way ,a way, prcthse no more: farewell. 
3:^ Nay buflcfira: Well, 
Xhcre'j no adueriitic in the worldihall part vs. 

"Enter Scrgi 
Spend. Thou art a louingRafcalh farewell 

You will not fayle fupper ? 
. You haue my word j farewell, 
. Sir.wccarrcftycti. 
Arrcft race, at whofe fuitc? 
Marry there's fuitef enough againft y 
He warrant you* 

!.Ser. Cornea way with him. 
; Sfend. Stay,hcarcjrecawordr 
3.Ser. What doe you fay/ 

GfwenejL Tu 

" ' Enter ?ttrf*tt. 

Ttclf. How now PftrpHft, why com'ft in fuch hafte? 

Pwfr Shut vp your doores,and barreyoUflg.S'pW^/out, 
And let him be cafliicard your com panic, 
He is turnd Banqucrout ,his wares arc ccazd on , 
And his (hop (hut vp. " 

Tick* How, his warts Ceazd on? thou doft bat icft.I hope. 
; M*jp fabat'thii tongue doth rport,thefe eyes haue fccne, 
Itiikioe^^pf^ble that I tell, 
Butitistrue,as iamfVythfull-Pandet. 

Svw*. Nay Itfid eirer chinkc the prodigaU wuld proue 
A Banqucroutjbut hang'hira , lethirinrott 
In prifon.hecomcs nomorc within'thefe4oore\r v 
I warrant him, 

7fc 'CdmefttthcY.l wottW hefwoutdl)Ut oflcr it, 
Widfe fier hhntfai with a post to him. 

Spend. Will you doc itj t 

. 54r.,WhatCay youfcHdW (Jr^malwktafcehis^o. (hi - 
:*r. Yes fay th,wc(hatttiauehimagtitt<: within thi* wcekc. 
' c- 


'tfufc - 

And there you (hall reccauc it. 

> What.whcrcthcwonrtflare? ' 


nune hither, 

'" 1 

- : 

- -.^ - 
And clap thiM^tl^ 

is the bcft^urfe Miftre, T^dM^ /**' ? 

For I will talke with him, ->.' - - 1: 

% ^.^,iamcom, *SK*.f* ' ' 

ErfftTia the Minute that thou didft profefl* ^ 

KindncfTc vnto mce, to make tryall of it, 
Aduerfitie thou Sees lay$ hands*pon me*, 
But Fortie Shillings will dcliucr mee,. 

Ticks Why you Impudent Rogwe, do you come ton* for 
Mony ? 

Or do I know you? what acquaintance pray, 
Hath euer paft betwixt y our felfcanjd mce i p. . 

Sir. Zounds do y oumoskp r* to bring y s lo thcfc women 
that do not know you? 

5W4f. Yes ia good SoothXOfficers Itake'tyo're) 
Hec's a mccre (fcanger heepre : oncly in cha itic, 
Sometimes we haue rclieued him with>mca)e. ; , > 

Sfe*J. This U nctf carnft in.jfou? Ccmc.1 1 
My guiftcs and bounde cannot be foone buri< 
Go c prethec fetch f Qivrtie ^iogs? 

Tick* Talkeo>^WW^yW(ranc)9j, 
For by this lieht that (his,jaj^c4ta^ine, t ; , : ..^j , n 

lie fend my ifrwfe of an *m**& W ypw^fuilei t> j ' > . . ', : ? 
A ftamclefle Rpgte cpn|p^f? % ;M9l^yl : - j . j 

4 -i . .; 

\.' . !. 

W*JP u lfci."'u: 

And teJLchWmfcfiW)tsoleail ? 4b^tcrlif*^ 
Hee had good counfUhr,l.caA,a{]iycyou, :; t : [j 

I k i 

i j ' ^ * ^ . * ii , ^i^^ww^'WOulai^fcw. 
Furiesfecc^ko loofe iniwe : Saifgeanfs, 
giue yo*aii 1 haue^ tot t*cchaCc freedom* but fora -ligh 
while, te tearcyofi^WhorejBau^jPandets a^d .wvtl?i 
Diucli: for there's his Helij hi: habuatiQn j nqr has her any 
eticrlccail place, tol , ; v .. r [fj - , 
Aw. Noir,weeleftaken6l5r&cs. 
Sft*4. Honeft Sargeants,giuc me teaut to vnlade 
A heart ore- chargd with griefe j as I haue arfouic, 
He not break e from you. 



Greetits Tu Qutque. 

Thou Strumpet.that wert borne to runic tr en, 
My fame, and fortune t be fubieft to my CurfTe. 
And heart mec fpeake it : May ft th OH in thy youth, 
Feele the (hatrpt Whippe and in thy Beldame aje, 
The Cart : when thou art grownc to bee 
An old Vpholfter VntoFmmr, 
(A Bawd t rneanc,foliue by Fethcr-bcds,) 
May ft thou be d r iOcii to fell all thou haft 
Vnto thy Ayi* viteBottk\ that's thelaft 
A Bawd will part witballt and liuc to poore, 
That being turnd forth thy iioufc. roayft uie iz doer*. 
Ser. O>mc fir, ha ?ou done? ' '- 

Sj><wL A little further giue mec kaue, I pray a 
I Hauc a ch writable Prayer to end with. 

May thef rewh Canniball eate into thy fleft, 
And pic ke thy bones fetleane, that the report 
Of thy Calami ticirnay draw refer? 
Of all the common Sinners in the to wne, 
To feethy mangled Carcaffe: and thcr rJien, 
They may vpon t , turnc honefi j Bawd,fay Amen. Ex& 
Sweat. Out vpon him wicked he blfphcaraesi 
JVrjjt j Hd Trill be diteri'd for turning Hcrctiquct 
Txki Hang him Rahqucfout rafcall,let him ralkc m Prifoo, 
The whilft weele fpend his Goods t for I did ncucr 
Heare, that men tooke example by each other. 

Swe*t. Well.if cn did rightly confider^they fliould finc^ 
That Whores ind Bawdes are profitable members 
fhVCSrnmon-weahh :for indeed ,tho wwfomew hat 
Itnpairc their Bod yes, yet wcc doc good to their Sdulesj 
For I am ftire,wee ftiUbringdiem to Repentance. 
" -Pffff. By 2>fr,afld To wetf doe. 

^tSf.^bmc; conic, will you <Dit before rthoirt^c of 
them, that 1 warrant thcc wilt be hangdy _ before tKou v?ilt 
reent. %** 




. .. - -------- 

Enter Jt#fi Stajns and Ggeflfanfr, wl 

mee out of his fingers: therms najeftate/ can r eft for him: 
Heerunnes through all Countries, will trauelljhroagh the 
J/ff>jfM*0in aminut j but ncuer t$ quiet till face come into . 
, and there kccpcs ; h|$ Chupixiiis^ . - 

Hcele ncuer out,tillhec be fierd. ., , 

Ge-f. Well,d^fipttyranizctooinuch,ieaftoncday Jicmakc 
you know bis Deitie, by fending a {haft out of a fparkling 
yc,ball flrikefo deepe into your hcart,that it fliall make yo 
fetch your breath &oagaine. . . /], 

&Afh. And make mee 07,0 eyes no eyes, but two cclefti- 
all Starrcs / A pox on t, Ideas leiue hear e a fellow fiag throngh 
thcnofe. Hownow Weehf , MV 

^, >.i-,;^ r, ,;,::. E*terg<tfreJ._, i<.. A <. . ^ 

Gart. Kcepe y our {ration; y ou Itand as w ell for the mcoun- 
tcrasroay be: Shce is comxning on 5 but as fotlaacholy ,as a 
Bare-vyollinConfort. ; , .. _..'. 

Rafb. Which makes ihec as Sprightly as the Trcbblc. 
Now ooftthou play thy prize: heer's the honorable Scienfe 
one againft another : Doe you licare Loucr, the thing is done 
you wot off$ you {hall haue your Wench alone without any- 
difturbancc : now if you can doe aay ^ood,why &,jtheSiluer 
Game be yours, wcclcftand by aad gwc ay me. ajidiiaUow tf 

l-^l yi ' ' *;/'.' i ', , i 

you nit the Clout. - 

St*. Tis all the afs ittancc t re'queft of y OU A 
Bringineebutoppprtunatly to her prefcnce, 
And I dc fire no more : and if I cannot win her > 
Let race loofe her. 

G*rt. Well fir, let roe tell you, perhaps you yndcrtake 
A harder taske then yet you doe imagine. 

St*. A taske,what to win a Woman, &hauc opportunities 
I would that were ataslccifayth,for3ny man thai weareshts 
mrittcs about Him : giue nae but half c an ho tires 

H 2 ' Confe- 

Greenes Tu Qtrtqut. 

Conference with the coldefl creature of them all, 

And if I bring her not into a foolcs Paradicc, 

Ilepul out my tonguc,& hang it at her doorc for a df aw -latch. 

Vdsfoot, 1'dcncrc ftand thrumming of Caps for the matter, 

He quickly make try all of hcrif fliec loue: 

To haue her Beau tic pray Pd, He pray fc ft : if her Wit te, 

lie commcnde it : if her good parts, lie exalt them. 

No courfe (hall fcape me) for to what focucr I fa w her inclind 

too, to that would 1 fit her* 

Ra/b. But you mud not doe thus to her, fcrflieeV afubtile 
flouting rogue,jthat will laugh you out of countenance.if you 
folicit her cerioufly : No, talke me to her wantonly, flightly Sc 
carelcflv, and perhaps fo you may preuaile as much with her. 
as wind does with aSay!e,carry her whither thou wilt, Bull/. 

. Well fir, He follow your inftruftion. 

Rajh. Do fo. And fee flic appeareij fall you two off from vs, 
Let YS two walke togeather. 

ly. Why did my enquiring eye take in this fellow, 
And let him downe fo eafic to my heart ; 
Where like a Conquerour he ceafes on it, 
And beates all other men out of my Bo Home? 

Rtfi. Siftcrjyoti'rc well met, 
Heer'i a Gentleman dcfircs to be acquainted with you. 

loj. See, the Seruineman is turnd a Gentleman, 
That villaaoui Wench my Sift cr has no mercy, 
Shee and my Brother has con fpired together to play vpon me; 
Eutllepreuent their fport: for rather then my tongue fliall 
haue fcopcto fpeake matter togiue them snirth,my heart (halt 

Rifi,. Youliaucyourdefirefir,Ilc leaue youj 
Grapple with her as you can. 

^4T. Lady ,God faue y ou-Shc turns backc vpon the motio, 
Thcr's no good to be done by braying for'her.I fee that j 
I muft plunge into a pafsion : now for a peece of Hero and 
: t'wcre excellent j and pray fe be to my mcmorie, 


reeves *fu Quoque. 

It has reach t half c a dozen lines for the purpoft s 

Well, fliee (hall hauc them. 

One is no Number j Maydcsarc nothing then 
Without the fwecte focietic of Men. 
Wilt thou liue (ingle (till? one /halt thou bee, 
Though aeuer fiflgling Hymen couple thce. 
Wild Sauagesthatdrinke of running Springs, 
Thinkes Water farre excclls all other thing. 
They thatdayly taftc neat Wine,defpifcit. 
Virginitie albeit feme highly prize it, 
Cotnpard with Marriage| had you trydc them both, 
Differs as much, a$ Wine and Water doth. No ? 

Why then baue at you in another kind. 

By the faych of a Souldicr (Lady) I doe reuercnce the 
ground that you walke vpon: I will fight with him that 
darcsfay you areabtfairc: Sfabbe him that witf not pledge 
your health \ and with a Dagger pierce a Vaine, to drinke a 
full health to vou j bu t i t /hall be on cfais condition.that you 

Vdl-foot, if I could but get her to talke once, halfe my labour 

were ouer : but lie try her in anothcrvainc. 

Whatan ^ excellent creature isaWoman without a tongue? 
But what a more excellent creature is a Woman that has a 
tongue,and can hold her peace? But now much more ex 
cellent and fortunate a creature is that man, that has that 
W oman to his wife ? This cannet choofc but madde her; 

And if any thmgmakea Woman talke,tis this. Itwillnotdoc 

tho yet. I pray God they hauenot euldmcc : 

But He try once againe. 

When will that tongue take libertic to talke.* 
Speake but one word,and I am fatisfied : 
Or doc but fay butc^ww.and I asnanfwcrd? 

Nay then without direction 1 ha don. 



St*. Not a fillab^night nor flcepc^snot reorcfilent : 
Shec'f as dumbe 'ittPejfmmft*. Hall, in the long vacation, 

'JR^ajb. Well,and what would yoohaucmce doe? 

St*. Why. make her fpcakt. 

R*Jh. And what then? 

Sta. Why,letHiee alone with ncr 

R*fh. I,fo y ou Ta^'d bcfore,Giue you .but oppor tuoi tie, 
- And let you atbne,you'd dcfuenomore;but come, 
He try my cunniagfcr you : See what I can doc. 
How doc you Sifter.I am Tory to heareyou arc not well, 
This Gent, tclsmceybu baue loft your tongue, I dray IcU/ae? 
If you can Urt make fignes whereabout you loft it, (pale, 
Wetlc goe &ldoke fort 7 : in good fay th Sirtcr,youlokc very 
In my confciencc tis for griefc ;' will you hauc 
Any comfortable Driiikes fcnt for, this is not the- wayv 
Come 1 walke,fccmc carncft in dt fcourfc, caft not an eye 
Towards her ; and you ftial! fee wcakne(T worke if felfc. 

foj. Mv heaitii fwolncfobig, that it muft vent, 
Or it will b ur ft : Are you a Hrotherf 

%ffa Looicc to your felfc Sir, , ^ 

The Brazen head has f poke, and I Mujl Icaue y ou ; 

7*7- Has Oiame that pow cr in Ii*m,tb'ctake rum ny: 
And dare you be fo impudent to ft and 
luff m the face of my incenfed anger? 
What arc you? w hy doe you ftay ? w.ho /eotlfor you? 
You were rn Garment! y eftcrday, befitting 
A fcjlbw Off^ouf faHiion ; ? has a'Cro wnc 
Purchaft rhat i>) yning Sittin of the Brokers ? 
Or ift a cad Suite of your goodly Maiftcn . 
St*. ACaftfuitc,Lady? 

loy. You thittlccit does become you : fay thudoej cot, 
A Blew Coat with J Baa"gc,d6cs better with you. 
GoevntruiTc your Mai Hers Poynt>,and doe not dare 
To ftopyourNofc whcn'as hiWorfliip ftinkci: 
Ta's been your breeding. 1 

i. Yds 'life, this is excellent : now flic talkei. 


Ion. Nay,wcrc you a GeHtlcman : and which ismorcj 
Well Landed,! ftould hardly lout you : 
For,for your Face, I neucr faw a worfe, 
It lookes as if t wercdrawne with yellow Oackcr 
Vpon blacke Buckram : and that Haire 
That s on your Chin .lookes not like Beard, 
But as if t had been fmcard with Shoemakers Wax, 

SM. Vdsfoot, ihcclc make mec out of k)ue"with my fclfc. 
* Iy. How dares your Bafcncs once afpy re vnto 
So high a for tune,as to reach at met : 
Because you haucheard,that Come hauc run away 
With Butlcrs,Horskecpers,and their fathers Gfearki) 
You ior/ooth, cocker d w wft your o w nc fu ggcOion, 
Take heai t vpon't, and thikc mec, (that am mcate, 
And fct vp for yoiltfMaifttr) fitfOr you.- 

Sta. I would f could gee her no vv to hold her tongue. 

M. Or'caufc,fometJrnesasIhaiiepaftaioDg, 
And! haue returnd a Cut tcic for yo4ir'Hattv 
Tou(as the common trickeris) ftraightiuppofc, " ' "> f 
Tis Loue (firrcuercnc, which makes th word more beaftly,) 
' iSta. vVVhvxtis woricthcrtfcilcnce. 

woHethen(cilcncc. ^ 

-ley. ' But wee arc toolcs, and in our reputations 
VVe find the fmart on't : 
KindnciTciis rearmed Ligktnefie,in our fex: ' " 
And when we giue aFauoiir, or a Kiife, 
Wcc gitf our Good names too. ' ; . 

St*. Will you be dumbe againe. 

Toy. Men you arc cald, but you're a viperous brood, 
Whom we in charitic take into our bofoaaes. 
And dkefilh with our heart : for which,y ou (ling vs. 

'Sta. V*d'foot, lie-fetch him that waked your toage. 
To lay it downe agiine. 
* i&^; now man? 
. *St^ Q rcliue mec^r I (hall loofe my hearing, 
Y ou haue ray fde a Fnricvp into her tongue 
A Parliament of women could not make . . 

A * Such 

(frtencs Tu Quoqw. 

Such a Confuted ncy fc as that flic vtterj. 

Hafi. Well , what would you hauemee do? 

S*t. Why make her hold her tongue. 
. Rajk. And what then? 
- Sta. Why then let me'alonc againe. 

Rafi. This si very good I fay th,firfl giup thee fc>ut tpper tu- 
nine, and let thee atone ; then make ber tut Spc'ake, and let 
Thee alone : now make her hold her tougue, and then 
Let her alone : By my tor th I thmke 1 were b eft to let 
Thee alone indeed: but cornc.follQwmec, 
The wild Cart (hall not Carry fo away, 
Walkc , walk c, ai we did. 

Toy. What.hauc you fctchtypur Chanipion?whiUanhcdr 
Not haue y ou>aor hirofelfc frotn out the (forme 
Of my incenfed ragq I will thunder into your carei, 
The wrongs that you hauc done an innocent May de s 
Oh you're a cupple of fwect : What (hail I call yo.u^ 
jtfr Men you are not v for if you were, 

Y ou would not orTct this vnte* a May de. 
Wherein hauc I deferred it ft your hande*.' Haue I not been^ 
alwayes a kind Sifter to youv &ia fignes/Sc tokeui flitwcd u? 
pid [notlcnd Monty to. you at Ctmhrtdgc when y wi were 
but a Frefliman, wrought you Purfes gad Bandu^. and fince 
you came tot h 'In n't a Court, faire pa>'re or Hangers ? Haue 
you not taken Rings from roee, which I haue beco /ajflc to tay- 
I haueloft, when you had paundthcnKabdyct was ncuer bc, 
holding to you for a pay re ot Glouw? 

?(*/&. A Womans tongue I fee, is like a Bell, 
That once being fet a going, goes it (clfo. 

fy. And yet you to joy nc will) my fitter againrt race. 
Send one hcerc to play vpon mec, whilft y ou laugh and leere, 
And make a parti me en mee : is this Brotherly dene . ; 
No it is Barbereus, & a Tttrkf would blnlh to ofier it t a Chric 
ftian: but I willthinke on't, and haucit written in my heart, 
when it hath dipt your memories. 
Rfo. When will your tongue be wtai ie.' 


joy. Neuer. 

Rafh. How,neuer ' Come talkc,and lie talke with you, 
lie try the ninblefbotmanfliip of your tongue^ 
And if you can ouMalkemee,yoursbcthe viftoric, 
Heere they rwotalkt tmdrtyte what thy Ufa 

kc. Vds'footidoft thousand by,anddo nothing* 
Come talkc,and drowne her clamors. 

Hterttkey dl three tdkf, Mtd loyce giuet 

ttter wtfputff, and Exit. 

Geral<L Ala$,Acc$ fpent y'fay th : now the ftormeibuer. 
Rajk. Vds'foot, lie follow her as long as 1 haue any breath. 
Corf. Nay no more now Brothtr,y ou haue no companion, 
Youfeeiheecrycs. (\*in*> 

St*. If 1 do not wonder /he could talke folong,Iamavil- 
She eats no Nuts I warrant her: sfoot,! am almoft out of breath 
With that little I talkt : well Gent. Brothers I might fay j. 
ForHieeandl muftclap hands vpon't : a match for all thii. 
Pray goe inland Sifter,falue the matter,collo2ue with her 
Againe,arrd all ftall be well : I haue a little buhneffe 
That tuuft be thought vpon, and tispartlic for your mirth$ 
Therefore let race not (tho abfent) be forgotten : 
Farewell. . 

. VWwill be mindfull of you fir,fare you wctt; 
Zounds, and you had talkt as much as I did, you 
would be tyrd I warrant .-What, is fliecgoncin? He to her a- 
gaine whilft my tongue'is warme: and if I thought I fliouW 
be vfde to this cxcrcSc Iwoulft catc euery morning an ouc 
ofLickoriili. Exit. 

Enttr Ldge tfo mtaflfr tftkt *Prifbn t 

. Haue you fumd vp thofc Reckoainrsl 
Yes Sir. 

And what is owing mcc? 
Thkuc-ftucB pound o * 

Hfcw much owes the Frf*clntM** 

Held. A fourtnights Commons. 

Lodg. Has^w^/yanicrnonie? , 

Hold. Not any fir: and he ha* fold all his Cloathi. 
Enter Spend*!!. k p*\ 

*/. That fellow would waAMillion$,ifhchad them j 
Whillt he has Monie,n o man fpeads a pennic : 
A s kc him monic,and if he fay he has aone, 
Be plaine with him,and turne him out o'th Ward, fxit L*dg. 

Jfr&'lwillfir. MaiftcrJ>W^, 
My Maiftcr has fen t to you for monic . 

fyend. Monie, why does he (end to met - ? does he thinke 
IhauethePhilofophcrs Sconcs,orl can clip or coync? 
Ho w doc $ he thin ke I can come by monic? 

Bold. Fay th fir, his occafions are fo great, that hce muft 
haiieinonie,ordfc he can buy no Visuals. * 

Sffiui. ThcHWcmuft ftaruc,beljkc : Vdsfopt thou fecft 
lhaue nothing left,that will yccldofiee two iliillings. 

Hold. Ifyouhauenpmomc, 
You're bcft rcmo ue into fome cheaper Ward. 

Spend. What Ward (hould I remoue in? 

field. Why tp the Two-peanie Ward,is liklieft to he-U out 
with your meanes : or if you will, you may goe into the HolJ, 
and there ypay feed tor nothing. 

Spend. I,ou t of the Alraes-baske t, where Charide appcares 
Jn likenefle of apeece,of (linking FilK : 
Such as they beat Bawdes with when they are Carted. 
^ fbld- Why fir, doe not fcorae it,ai good men as your felfe, 
iHauc been glad to eatc. Scraps out of the Almsbasket. 

Spf*td. And yet flaue,thou in pride wilt Hop thy nofc, 
Scrue and make axes,ta!kc contemptibly of it, 
and of the feeders jfureiy grooroc. 

Hot*. Wc^fir,youraiiliapertnciwinjcfyouiiotking. 


Greenes 7V 4 watte. 

</ <* * i \ 

A priibne? to the Holl, take charge of him, and vft 

him as f curuily as thoucanft: you fhall be taught yeur duetie 

fir, I warrant you. 
Spend-. Hence flauifli tyrants,inOnifoents oftorture, 

There is more kindneffe yet in Whore*, then you, 

For when a man hath fpent all,hcc may goe 
x And feeke his way,theylcJcicke him out dfdores \ 

Not keepe him in as you doe,and inforce him 

To be the fubiecl; of their cruel tie. 

You haueno niercie \ but be this your comfort, 

The puni foment and torturs which you doe 

luflicl on men, the Diucls ftiall on you. 
HeM. Well fir,you may taike, but you (hall fee the end, 

And who /hall ha ue the wor ft of it. xit-Lvc%. 

Spend. Why villaine,! fhall hauc the worft, I know it, 

And am prepare! to fufrer like a Stotcke t 

Or elfc (to fpeake more properly) like a Stockej 

For I haue no fence left : doft thou thinke I haue? 
Fox. Zounds,! thinke hee's rnaddc? 
Spend. Why,thoti art i'th right} for I am madde indeed^ 
And haue been madde this two yeare. Doft thou thiake 
I could haue fpent fo much as I hauc done 
In wares and crcctitc,had I not been madde? 
Why thou muft know,l had afairc eftate, 
WhtcH througkmyryotjlhauetorneinpecce^ 
And fcattered amongft Bawdcs,Biiffoons,a 
Thacfawnd on mee^and by their flatteries, 
Rockt all my vnderftanding faculties 
Into a pleafaat (lumber j where I dreampt 
Ofnottghtbutioy and plcafure : ncuerfelt 
How I was lutd in fenfualitic, 
V null at laft, Affii dion w aked mee : 
And lighting vp the Taper of my foul^ 
Led mee vnto my felfc j where I migh ifce 
A minde and body real with Mifcrie. A Prifimtr*ri&fo. 

Harry Fo 

Greenes Tu Qmque. 

Enter Prtfonm. .' 

Pnf. Heer's the Bread and Meate-man come. 

Fox. Well, the Bread and Mcatc-man ,may (lay a little. 

Prif. Yes indeed Hiarrj.thc Bread and Mca t-maiynay ftayr 
But you know our ft omacks cannot ftay. 
Enter Gather/crap vnth the 'Bask*. 

Fox. Indeed your Stomacke is al wayes fir ft vp. 

Tlrtf. And therefore by right, fiiould be fire ferued : I hauc 
a ftomacke like Aquafortis^, will eate any thing : 
O father Gatherfcrap, here are excellent bits in the Basket. 

Fox. Will you hold your Chops further j by and by youle 
driucll into the Basket? 

Prif. Perhaps it may doe fome good j for there may be a 
peece of powderd Beef c that wants watering. 

Fox. Hecrc fir, beer's your fliare. 

Prtf. Beer's a bit indeed :whats this to a Gargtnt** ftomack? 

Fox. Thou an cuer grumbling. 

Prtf. Zounds,it would make a Dogge grumble,to want his 
Victuals : I pray giue SpctaUUnonc, hee came into'th Holl but 

F ox. What, doe you refufc It? 

Sfend. I cannot care,l thanke you. 

Prif. No, no, giue it mccj hcc's not yet feafoad for oar 
companie. ^ 

Fox. Deuideitthenamongftyou. ExitftK&Prifoners. 

Spend. To fuch a one as thcfc are.muft I came, 
Hunger will draw mee into their fellow/hip, 
To fight and fcr amble for vnfauerie Scraps, 
That come from vnknownehands,perhaps vnwaflit : 
And would that were the wor ft -, for I hauc noted, 
That nought goes to the Prifoncr s ,but fuch food 
As either by the weather has been tainted, 
Or Chi1dren,nay fometines full paunched Dogges, 
Haue ouci if men had dctermind 
That the w or ft Soft cnance,w hich is Gods Creatu res, 
How cucr they're abuide,are good enough 




(jreenes *Tu Quoque. 

For fiich vild Creatures as abufc theinfclues. 
O what a Slaue was I vnto my Plcafures? 
How drownd in Sinnc, and oucrwhelmd in Luft? 
That I could write my repentance to the world, 
And force th'imprcfsion of it in the hearts 
Ofyou,and my acquaintance,! might teach them 
i By my example, to loekc home to Thrift, 

And not to range abroad to feelct out Ruinc: 
Experience ftiewes, his Purfe fliall foone grow light, 
Whom Dice wades in the day, Drabs in the night: 
Let all a uoydefolfc Strumpet SjDice.andDrinkc i 
For hce that leaps in Mudde,fliall quickly fmkc. 

d 9 . 

Ei* er Fox and Long fie Id. 

Fox. Yonder'* the man. 

Long. Itfaankcyou. 

How is it with you, fir / What on the ground? 
Looke vp, there's comfort towards you. 

Sfend. Belike fome charitable Friend has fen t a Shilling, 
What is your Bufineflc? 

Long. Libertie. 

Spend. There's rertuein that word j He rife vp to yow. 
Pray let mee hear c that chearefull word againc. 
* Long. The ablc.and wel-mindcd Widdow Tty&j t 

Whole hand is dill vponthe pooremans Box, 
Hath in her Charitie remembred you : 
And bceing by yeur Maiftcr fccondcd, 
Hath taken order with your Creditors 
For day , and payment \ and freely from her Purfe, 
By mee her Deputie, fticc hath difchargd 
All Duties in the Houfe : Ben*des,to y our nccefiines. 
This is bequeathd,to furni(h you with Cloaths. 

Spend. Speakc you this ferioufly ? 

L*g. Tis not my praclifc to mocke MiCcrie . 

Sfcnd. Be cut r pray fed that Deuinitie, 
That has to my oppreffcd Hate ray fd Friends : 

I Scii 



fti'l be his b'efsin^s.powred vpon their heads ; 
Your band T pray, 

7 hai hauc to fay thfttlly performd their write* ? 
If ere m) induftriCjioynd with their loues, 
ShaU ray fe mcc to a competent eftatc, 
Your name /hall uer be to race a friend. 

JLwg. In your good wifhes,yoarequice mcc amply. 

Spend. All Fecs,you fay,are pay d* there's for yourloue. 

f'ojf. I thanke you fir , and glad you are re leaf}. Exit, 

EntcrTtubbk gullMtttd. 

But. How Apparell makes amanrefpe^bed^the very chil 
dren in the ftrcete do adore mcc i for if a Boy that is throwing 
at his lacke-alcnt ch,aunce tahitmec on the flifnnes : Why I 
iay nothing but,7V^(j^, fmilc, andfbrgiuc thcCiiild with 
a bcckc of mv hand, or fomcfuch like token : Co by that 
mcanes,! do (cldome goc without broken l^hmnes. 

Snter S faint likf <** Italian: 

Sta Theblefsmgs ef your Mi (Ires fall vpon you, 
And may the heat and fpirit of Hee-lip, 
Eiu'.ue her with matter aboue her vnderftanding, 
Thst Ihe may on! y hucto admire y oa, or as the Italian fayes ^ 

'*$ . I doe wonder what language fa* fpeakes, 
Joe yow hearc nay friend, arc sot youaCpniurer? 

St*. I am fir.a perfeft rraucilcr,ihathauc trampled oiiof 
Thefacc of this vncucrff.and canfpcakc^r^and 
iUrn^as promptly, a* my ownc natural! Language * 
lhaue compofd a Boeke, wherein- 1 hauc fet downe 
All the Wonders of the world that 1 hauc feenc, 
And the whole fcope-ofiny Iornies,togcAther with the 
Mifcries and lowfic fortune* I hauc endured therein* 

'Stth. O Lctf dSir,arc you rfc man-, giucirwywr hand r 
How doe yec : in good fay th I thinke i hauchcawi-of yoik, 

St*. No fcyoujwucr hcwd of mce p .l fctto day footing 

(jreenes Tu Quoque 

Vpon the Wharftc,! came in withthelaft pealc of Ordinance, 
And dind this day in the Exchange amongft the March ants . 
But this is friuclous and from the matter : you doe feemc 
To be one of our GV/w//fpirrits that doc afifcft Genorofitie: 
Plcafethyou to beinftituted in the nature,Garb.and habit, 
Of the moft exafteft Nation in the world, the Italian: 
Whofc Language is fwectclt, Cloaths ncatcft, and hauiour 
Mo ft accompli Hit: I am one that hatiefpcnt much monie, 
And time; which to me is more deane then mon ic,i n the 
Obfcruation of thele things : and now I am come, 
1 will fit me dowae and reft,and make no doubt, 
But by qualities purchafc and build ,by profefsing this Arc, 
Or humane Science (as I may tearme it,) to inch Honorable 
And Wor/hipfull perfonaget as meane to be peculiar. 

Bub. This fellow has his tongue at iiis fingers endes : 
But harke you fir,is yomltduu the fined Gentleman? 

Sta. In the world Signtor, your Sptwird is a meere Bumbard 
to him: hce will bounce indeed \ but hec will bur ft : But your 
Ita/tanit finoothand loftic,and his language is,Cozcn germane 


ffM. Yes fir /or it is an Italuin word as well as a Latin f, 
And inroldes a double fence : for one way fpoken, 
It includes a fine Gentleman like y our felfe \ 
And another way , it imports an AiTe,hkc whom you will. 

Bub, I would my man laruis were hcerc, for hce vn Jcr- 
ftands thefc thinges better then I . You will not feruej 

Sta. Serue,no fir,I haue talfct with the great Sopky. 

Hub. I pary fir, what* the lo weft price of being ItakwateJl 

Sta. Sir,if it pleafc you, 1 will ftand to your bounty : 
Ana marke oic. I will fet your face like aGrand figneors, 
And you ihaUmarcha whole day,rnti!i you come opounftly 

And not difrancke one hay re of your phifnomie. 

'Bub. I would you would doc it Sir, if you will ftand tomy 
Bounty, I will pay y ou,as 1 am an IM'M*M $ 


(jreenes 7*u Ouoque. 

St * Then fir, I will firft disbtir then you of your Cloakt, 
You will be the nimbler to praftife: Now fir,obfef nc mce, 
Goe you dirtily to the Lady to whom you dcuotc your fclfe. 
Buff. Yes fir. 

Sr*. You ftiall fet a good ft ay M face vpon the matter then. 
i" eur Band is not to your Shirt,i j it? 
Bnh. No finis loofe 
t$>4. It is the fitter for ray purpofe. 

I will firft rcruooue your Hattc,ithasbeen the fafhion (as I 
hauc heard) in England^ weareyour Hatte thus in your cycsj 
Butiti* groilcjnaught.mconucnientjaud proclaymcs with a 
loudc voy cc , that hee that brought it vp firft,rtood in feare of 
Sargiants . Your it*lu*n is contrarie, hee doth aduancc hit 

B"b. Excellent well: I would you would fet on my head fo. 
Sta. Soft, I will fir ft remoue your Band, and fet it out of the 
reach of your eye) it mu ft lie altogeather backward : So, you 
Band is well. 

2?*. is it as you would haue it .' 

Sta. It is as I would wi/h j onely fir, this T reuft condition 
you offjin your affront or falut^ncucr to roooue your Hatte: 
But heere, hcere is your curtefic. 

Bulr. Nay I warrant you, let mce alone; iff perceives thing 
nee, He carrie it away : Now pray fir.readi ury Cloakc, 
St*. Neuer whiUc youliuc, fir. 

. No, what doc your 7//4^4/ weareno Cloaked 
. Your Sigxort neucr : you fee 1 am vnfurwint my fclff. 

Enter Sir Ljo 

B*b. Si'y fofprethec kecpe it then. See, yonder** the com- 
panic thai I lookc for j therefore if you williet my face of any 
fafliion, pray doe it quickly? 

Sta. You carry your face ai well as care an Jt*Km in tht 
world, onely inrich it with iSmylc,andtii incomparable | 
and thus rauch inorc,at y our firft appvacc, you Dial! pcrhapt 


flriktyotJr acquaintance into ancxtafic.orpcrliapsafangh* 
tcr : buttis ignorance in them, which vyillfponcbc ouerccmc, 

Bub I willperfeuer, I warrant thee \ oncfy doe thou fbnd 
aloofe and be not fecne, becaufe 1 would hauc them thinkc 1 
fetchtitomofmy ownepraltife. 

St*. Do not you fcare.Ilc not be fcene,l warrant you. Exit* 

Lj9. No w'Wfc&&,you are welcome to my houfc, 
And to ) our o w ne houfe too j fo you may call it: 
For what is minc,i$ yours : you may command heere, 
As at home,and be as foonc obay de. 
^. WiA. , May J defcruc this kindneife of you,fir? 
Bub. Saue you Gent. 1 falute you after iktlt&m fafiiion. 

T^fb Ho w,thc 7f4fi4/5</!&**?Zounds,hc has drcft him rawly 

L}. My (onnt'BMtbJe.l take it? 

R*Jb. The nether part of him Ithinke is hce, 
But what the vpper part i$,I know not. 

'Bub. By my troth hcc's a rare fellow Jie fayd true? - 

They are all in an extafie. 

.t74rf. Ithinke hec's maddc? 

r *7j' Nay that can ndt bee jfor they fay.thcy that are madcfc, 
loofe their wiis rand I am fnre he had none to loofc. 

. Enter Stattergoo ft. 

Lj9. How now fonne &*Wtf, how coiuc you thus art>'rd? 
What,do youmeane to make your felfe a laughing fteckc, ka ? 

Bttb. Vmj Ignorance,ignorance. 

(jer. Fr the loue of laughtcr,lookc yonder, 
Another Hearing in the fame pickle. 

R*jb. The tothcr Hobby.horfc I perceiucis notfWgotien. 

Bub. Ha,ha,ha,ha. 

Scat. Ha,ha,ha,ha. 

Bub. WhohasmadchiiufuchaCoxcombctroc* 

Sett. Ifalutcyouaccorlingtothc/f^4faflbion. 


Greenes Tu 

. Puli, the 7/viiWfafliion? the taucrd-dc-saaliao fashion 

Sett. Saueyoufwertebtoods/atieyeu. 

Lj*. Why but what liggc is this/ 

Strxr. Nay if 1 know father, would I were hangd, 
lam e'ncas the Child new borne. 

Ljo. I but fonnc2fol&, where did you two buy your Felts? 

Seat. FeltsfBy thisiigTitjinineisagoodBcaucr: 
It coll mec three pound this morning vpon truft. 

Ljo. Nay,I thinke you had it vpon truft : far no man that 
has any fhamcin him, would take mony for it ; behold Sir. 

Sc*f. Hi, ha, ha. 

Lj9. Nay euer docy on laugl^For you're i'th fame blocks. 

'Sub. Is this the Italian fa/1 1 ion? 

Sc*t. NojitistheFoolcsfaihion: 
And we two are the firfl chat follow it. 

P*t>. Ettutjutx]uc,z\t ! webotb cozend : 
Thcnicts.lhcw our 

Ljo. What w as hce that cheated you ? 

Bub. Marry r,he was aKnaue tlut ch 

SCAT. .And 1 thinke he was no heneft man, that cheated mce, 

L}c, Doc you know him ag2inc,!f you fee hJiaJ 

7!*l>. Yes I know him agame,if I fee him :. 
But 1 doe not know how I Hiould cone ra^p him. 
Q-J*rmsJ*nus t doc you fee vs tvyOjjjjgjfF' 

SM. Yesfir,Tery wrli. 

B*b. No, you doc not fee vi very well j 
For we haue been horribly abufcd : 
Neuer were Engbfrmen fo^uld in 7/nto^s we haue been. 

St*. Wh> r,y eu hauftmotld%our Goakc and Hattc. 

1 : ub. I+vis you lie, 1 haue loft my Cloakc and Hattc: 
And therefore you muft vfe your creditc For another. 

Sea. I thinke my old Cloake and Hatte, muft be glad to 
ferae mec till next ..quarter day . 

Zy*. Come,takcno caicforCIoakeijUcfurnifli you: 

To night you lodge with rocc,to morrow reorne 
Before the Sunnc be vp,prepare for Ghiirch, 
tfaWiddm and I hauc fo concluded on*t : 
TJw Wenches vndcrftarvd not y et fo much, 
Norfhall not, vntill bedtime: theft will they, 
Not flcepe a winckc all night,for very ioy. 

Scat. And lie promife the next nighty 
They .fljall not fteepc for ioy neither. 

Ljo. O Mai tier <^r*/^; I fa w you not before: 
Your Father how is come to tow ne. I heart? 

Ger, Yes Sir. 

Zjo. Were not my bufiiieiTe earned/I would fc hint& 
But prty intrcat him breakc an howers flecpc 
To morrow morn c, t'accompanic mcc to .Churchy 
And come your felfc I pray along with him. 

f . J a... , 

'f Get. Sir,lthankcyou, 

Ljo. Butlookc,heere comes one, 
That hai but lalirly fliooke offhis ShackUs . 
How now firra, wherefore come you? 

Spend. I come to craue a p ar cxon fir ,o/y o, 
1 . . And with heartie and zclous thankts 

Vnto this worthy Lady } that hath giu en mec 
More then I ere could hope.f6r J Libertie. 

VTiL BthankfuilyntoHcaueii,andyourMaites 
Nor let your heartgrow bigger then yourPurfe, 
But Hue within a limit, Icaft you bur ft out . 
To Ryot,and to Miferje againe : 
For then f would loofc thcDerien'tel meant ft. 

Ljo. O you doe, gracioud^tis good aduicc: 
Let it take roote firra,le t it take roote. 
But tcfmtrftddm come, and fee your Chamber) 
Nay your, coraparrie tob,fr I mil ft fpeako with you. 

Spend,} TJs bound vntoyou Sir. 

Sttb.. ^adlhauctowlkc with you too, Mftris/^w? _, 

Ka. Fray 

Greenes Tu 

Pray a word. 

/ 1.71 '.I! V 

loj. WhatwtHiIdyoUjSir? 

Bub. Pray let me fee your hand : the line of your Maydcn- 
head is out. Now for your Fingejrf vpon which Finger will 
you weare yor weeding Ring! 

J I O*. ' ' *i " ' 

B*b. Then Ipcrcciueyoumeaneto weareitonyour thumb. 
Wcll,thc time is come fweet/*7<v, the time is come. 

fey. What .to doe, fir? 

B*k For mee to tickle thy 7*f*ap* i to do the ad ofour 
forefathers: therefore prcparc.prouide, 
To morrow morne to meete mee ts sny Brdc. Exit. 

loj. HemeetetheeKkeaGhoQiiift. (foolc? 

G*rt. How now, what matter haue you fLdit out of that 

ly. Matter as poyfning as Cocruption, 
That will without fomc Antidote Hnkc home 
Like blew Infection to the very heart* 

Raft. A show, for Gods fake? 

Jy. To morrow is the appoy ntcd Wedding day. 

g4rt.Thedayofdfpmcisj , 

Ger. T'wonU be a difmall day indeed to feme f vs. 

ley. Sir.IdoekQOwyotiloucmee^andchcrJme 
Willnot be dally cd with : bee what you fecme, 
Or not the fame : I am jour Wife,your Miftrij, 
Or your Seruant) indeed what you wf.l make oaee: 
Let vs no longer wrangle with our Wittes, 
Or dally with our Fortunes j lead mee hence, 
And carry mee into a Wildcrneffe ; 
lie faft with you, rather then feaft with hiw. 

Sta. What caivbe wckommer vato thefe armcir 
Not my eftatcrccpuerd^is more (weete, 
Nor ftrikes more ioy in mee,{hcn does y our loue, ^ 

Rtfi. Will you both IfiCTe then vpon the bargalnc, 
Hcer* two couplcon you 5. God giuc you ioy, 
1 wih well to you,andi/cctij alfthegeodthatl candoeyoy: 
And foxo y^ur /hiftes^ lUucyou. 

fy. Nay will notleaucvsthus,] hope. 

'Rajh. Why what would you haue me do,you meanc to run 
away togeathcr, would you ha me run with you, and foloofe 
my Inheritance : no, trudge, trudge with your backet to mee, 
and your bellies to them: away. 

Cjer. Naylprcthccbcnotthusvnfcafpnable: 
Without thee wee arc nothing. 

R*fl>. By my troth,, and I thinke fo too : you loue one ano 
ther in the way of Matrimonicjdoe you no c? 

Ger. Wbattlfcmao? 

Ttyl. What elie man ? why 'tis a queftion to be asktj 
For 1 can aflure you,thcrc is an other kind oHouc : 
But come follow mcej aiuft be your good Angell frill ; 
Tip in tliis braine how to prcuentmy Fatherland his brace 
Of Beagles : you {Bail noneof you be bid to night : 
Folio w but my dirc&ion.if I bring you not, . 
T* kfOtcMultohoLlfir better fer vtxtrfi, let mcbeheld an 
Eunuch in wit, and onethat was neuer Father to a good Feaft. 

g*rt. Wec'lc be inftry clcd bjr y ou. 

\*pr. Wei l,if y ou bcc,it will be your o w n another day. 
Come folio wmcc. 

hint, **d Exit. 

Sfend. How ru thlcdc men are to aduerftie, 
My acquaintance fcarcc will know mee, when wee meet 
They cannot (lay to talke, they mud begone; 
And ihakc race by the hand as if I burnt them : 
A snauanrr truft vnto hirofclfc,! fet j 
For if hce once buthaltinhiseftate, 
Friend/hip will prooue but broken Crutches to him : 
Well, I willleane to none of them, but (had 
Free of my felfe : and if I had a fpirit 
Daring to aft what 1 am prompted toil, 
Imuft thruft outiato the world againe. 

(jreencs 7* Owque. ' 

Full bloffemd with a fwcctt and golden Spring : 
It was an argument of Uuc in her 
To fetch mec out of Prifon .and thi* night, 
She clafpt my hand in hcrs,as whafhouid fay, 
Thou art my Purciiafc.and 1 hold thec thus : 
The worft is but repu!fe,if I attempt it : 
I am rcfolud,my Gencus whifpcrs toinec 
Goe on and win her, tho u art young and aftiiici 
Which /he is apt to en 'ch at, for there's nought 
That'i more vnileadfuf^thcn a womans thought. 

EnttrSir Ljo, WtttRttfa Scatter - 
Mdd<m t G*rtrcd> Joyce t 

atft Servant. 

Ljo. HeereVilllod^ngWwWw.-butyeutnuftknow, 
If wee h*d better, wee could affpord it you. 
Wid.. The lodging ;Srr,mightferuc better Gucftci* 
Ljo ., Not better jPiddffjv^ot yet wclcemrner : 
But wee will i.eauc you to it,*nd.thc rft.- 
Phitlir, pray let your Miftris wantnot any thing, 
Once more Good night, lie leauc a let lie with you, ^ 
As earneft of a better, 
Sirrah, a Light.. 

. Good reft to all. 

Scat, God giuc you good- night,forfooth; 
And fend you an early rcfurreftion. 

Wtf. God-ffighrrtoboth, 

Ljo. CoinejCorneawayjeachBfrdvfltoTiisneft, 
To mof row night's a time of little reft. 

. 'Heerc rntic: fbft, let it alone, 
Jfcaue no dipofition to fleepe yet: 
Giue Kiee a Booke, and leaoc race for a while, 
Some halfe houre hence,looke into mce. 

f.> 1 Oiali tbrfoo^. JftWil* 


Wtd. How no w.what malccs this bold intmfion? 

Spend. Pardon mee Lady,I hauc bufines to you. 

Wui. Bufincjjfrom whom, is it of fuch importance 
That it craues prcfcnt hearing? 

Spend. It docs. 

Wid. Then fpeake it.and be bricfc.. 

Spend. Nay gentleff*?c', be more ply ant to tacc. 
My fuiteis foftand courcious : full of i*uc. 

yftd. ofiouc? 

Spend, Oflou*. 

Wid. Why furc the man is maddc? bethinke thy felfe, 
Thou hair forgot thy errand? 

Spend. I haue indccd,faire Lady \ for my errand 
Should firft haue been deliuered oh your hppes. 

Wid. Why thou impudent feHow,Ynthriftoffhanic, 
As well as of thy purfc j What has mooud thee 
Toprofecutcthy ruine?hathmv bountic, 
For .which thy Maifter was an orator, 
Importune thee to pay mee with abufc ? 
SirraretirtjOrl will toyoUr/hame, 
With clamors ray fe the houfe,and make your Maiftcr 
For this attenpt^returne you to thcDungion, 
From whence you came . 

Spend Nay then I muft be defperatc: 
Widdaw, \\o\d your Clapciifh, faficn your Tongue 
Vnto your Roofe,and do no t d are to call , 
But giue mcc audience, with f care and fiUace : 
Come kill e mee : No? 
This Dagger has a poyt,doeyou fee it? 
And be vnto my fuite obedient, 
Or you lli all feele it too: 
For I will rather totter,hang in cleane Linnen, 
Then Hue to fcrub it out in lowfic Ly nings. 
Gee to^kiilc : Yeu will? why fo ; Againc: the third tim< 



Good, tis a fufficient Charmc : ,Jpw hcare race, 

You arc rich in Mony ,Lands,and Lordftiips, 

Mannors,and fay re PofTefsions, and 1 hauc not fo much 

As one poore Coppy-hold to thru ft my head in. 

Why flioirld you not then haue compafsion 

vpon a reaforublehandfome fcfiow, 

That has both youth and liuclihood vpon him; 

And can at midnight cjmcken and rcfrc (h 

Plcafures decayedin you ? You want Children, 

And lamftrongjufty'andhaucabackc 

\s\VtHercHlcty able to get them 

Without the helps of Mufcadine and Eggs : 

And will you then, that haue inough, 

Take to your Bed a bundle of difcafee, 

Wrapt vpifl threcfcoreycares > tolieahawking > 

Spit ting, and coffn 2; back wards and for wards 

That you fliall not fleepe$ but thrufting forth 

Your face out of the Bed, be glad to draw 

The Cur taines, fuch a ft came (hall reeke 

Out of this dunghill . Now what fay you? 

Shall we without further wrangling clap it vp, 

And goc to Bed togcathcr/ 

Wid. Will you hcare mee! Knxke vithht. 

Spend. Yes with all my heart, 
So thcfirflwordraay bcc, VntrurtVyourPoynts. 
Zounds one knocks : do not ftirre 1 charge you, 
Norfpcake,bHt what I bid you : 
For by thefe Lippcs, which no w in loue I kifle, 
If you but ftruggle,or butrayfe your voyce, 
My armc (hall rife with it, and ftrike you dead. 
Go too, come on with mce,and aske who's there? 

Wul. ItiimyMayde. 

Spend. No matter , doc as I bid you : fay 3 Who's there? 

WuL Who's there? 

mtbtnPlnllts. Tis I/orfooth. 

Spend. If it be you, f orfooih,thcn pray flay. 


id. If it b* y 6u forfooth; then pray you : ftay, 
Till I ihall call vpon you. 

S/w* Very well, why ribwliee 
Thou'lt prooue an obedient wife, come, let's Vndrcflc. 

Wid. Will you put Yp your naked weapon fir ? 

Spend. You (hall pardon mee (Widdbw) I muft haue'you 
grant firft. 

Wid. You will not put it vp. 

Sfe*<L Not till I haue feme token of your l6ae. 

W& If this may be a tcftimonie take it, Kifft htm. 

By all my hopes I loue thee, thouart worthy 
Of the beft widdow liuing, thou tak'ft the courfe; 
And thofe that will win widdowes rhuft doe thusi 

Sft*. Nay,I knew what Idid,whenl came with rriy naked 
weapon in my hand ; but come^vnlace. 

Wid, Nay my dcare loue, know that I will hot yceld 
My body vnto luftivntiltthcPrieft 
Shall ioyne vs in ttjmcnt Tacred nuptiall rites. 

Sfend. Then fet your hand to thi-s, hay 'tis a contraft 
Strong and fufiicierrt , and will^oWeinL'awc, 
Hccre, heerc's pen and inckei you feel cbmeprouidcd. 

Wid* Giue me the pen n e . 

Sfcnd. Why hercfs fomc comfort, 
Yet write your name faire I pray, 
And at large ; why now 'tis very well, t^%$ 

Now widdow you may admit your Maid, 
For i'th next roome Tie goe fetch a napppe. 

Wid. Thou (halt not leaue me fe, come prc thee fit, 
Wec'l talkc a while, for thou haft made my heart 
Dance in my bofomc I receiue fitch ioy. 
- Spend, Thou art a good wench yfaith, come kifTeypon'c, 

Wid* But will you be a louing husband to me, 
Auoydc all naughty company, and be true . 
To me, and to my bcddc? . 
. Spend. As true to dice, as Stcclc to Adamanr. 

L Bind 

I. / I i 1 / L *~*s 

'Bind* him t thepotfi* 

I'lebindeyou icyour word, fee that you bf 
Or Tie conceale my bagges, I hauc kinsfolkes, 
Towhoirt riemak'touer.youThall not hauc a penny. 

Sp?d* Pufli, prc thcc doe not daubt me^ 
How now, what mca,nes this? 

Wtd. It meaning vengeance j nay fir, you are 
Nor i'oe not dareto ftrupgle, I haue libertic, 
Both of my tongue and feet, I'lccail ray maid : 
*Phillu come in, and helpc to triumph, 
Ouerthis bolde Intruder, wonder not wcrch. 
But goe vnto him^and ranfacke all his pockets, 
And take from thence a Contrad which he furc'4 
Prom my vnwillmg fingers.* 

Spend. Is this according to your oath. 

Chilli* Come fir, I mull fcarch you, 

Spmd. I pre thee do 
And when thoutak'P that from me, tike my life coo. 

9Pid. Haftthouitgerle? 

'PhtM. I haue a .paper hcere.. 

If id. It is the fame, giuc itme, looke you fir, 
Thus yournew fancied hopes I tcareafunder: 
Poore wretched man, t*haft had a golden drcamc, 
Which guilded o*re thy calamitie : 
But being awake thou findft ir ill laid on,. 
For with one finger I haue wip'd it off: 
Goc fetch me hither theCabket th containes 
My choiceft Ic wells, and fpjread them heere before himj 
Looke you fit : 

Ht ere's gol<J,pearl<r,rubics,faphLres, diamonds j 
Thcfc would be puodly tilings for you to pawne, 
OiMcuell with amon^ft your Curtaan*,. 
\Vhilfl land ninc did flarue: why doft not curfe. 
And vtter all the uufchiefcs ot thy hrart, 
"Which I know fwells within thce,powrciiour /r 
And Ice me hearc tby fury. 


(jretnes T 


When ere my tongue &*N fpcake but well ofthce; 
It prooues no faithtull fcruant IQ my heart. 

Wt&, Falte traitor to thy roaifter, and to me, 
Thou licft, there's no fuch thing within thee. 

Sf:d. May I be burrt'd to Yglincflc, to that 
Which you and all men hate, but Ifpeafce truth. 

WiJL May I be turn'd a monger, and the fhamc 
O^ all my Sex, - and if I not belseue thee, 
Take me vnto ihec,thefc, and all that's mine, 
Were it thrice trebled, thou were worthy all : 
And doc not blame this trial! , caufc it flicws 
I giue my fclfc vnto thee, am notforc'd, 
And with't alone, that ne'rftiall bc4iuorc'd. 

SfettJ. I am glad 'tis t ome to this ytt, by this light 
Thou putt'ft me into a horrible fearc : 
Bui this is my cxcufc rinow that my thoughts 
Were not fo defperate as my aliens fccm'd, 
For fore my dagger hould ha drawnc one droppe 
Of thy chafte blood, it fhould haue fluc'd out mine j 
And the cold point ftrcke deepe into my heart : 
Nor better be my fate, if I fiiali moue 
To any ether pleafur e but thy loue, 
VPti. It (hall be in my Creed: but lett's away, 
For night with her blackcSteedf drawesvpthe day. 

Enter RAjb t Mnes % Ger*ttint,G<trtrctl t 10) 
4 Boy with tt Lanthorne, 

Rtfr. Softly Boy, foftly, you thinkc you ate ypon firme 
ground, but it is dangerous; ypu'l neuermakca goodthiefe, 
you rogue, till you l^arne to crcepevpon.all fourc : if I do not 
fweare with going this pace : curry thing I fee, mee think es, 
(honldbcmy father in his white beard. 

St4 It is the property of that pa(fion, for fear* 
Still fliapcs all things we fee co that we fcarc. 

L a 


Greenes Tu " - 

J - 

;. Well faid Logickc , fifter,! pray lay hold of him, 
For the man I fee is able to glue the Watch an auifwcre , if they 

fliould come vpon him with Interrogatories : sownds wee are 

difcoucrcd, boy, come vpclofc, and ofyour 

Lanthornc : what dumbcfbew fliould this be? ( V s. 

(feral. They take their way directly, intend nothing gainft 

Sra. Can you not difccrqe who they are? 

Jojce. One is SffndtlL 

(j*rt. The other is the Widdow as I take it.- 

St4. T'is true, and that's her truidbcfore her. . 

R*(k. What a night of confpiracie is hecre, morevillanie? 

there's another goodly mutton going, my father is fleeced of 

all, griefewillgiuehitnaboxyfaith, but 'tis no great matter, 

J (hall inherit the fooncr.nay foft ftr,you (hall not paflc fo/cur - 

rant with the matter, Tie (hake you alittlc i who goes there? 

Spend. Out with the Candle, .who's that askef the qncdion? 

R*/b. One that has fomc reafon forV. 

Spsnd. It (heuld be,by the voyce, yong Rt/Z. 

"Why We arphoneft folies. 

R*fb. Pray where do you dwell ? not in townc I hope . 
Spend. Why we dwell, zownds ^vhcrc doe we dwell? 
1 know not where. 

R*(b. And,you*lberriarricd-youknovy not when, z.ownds 
it were t Chriliian deed to ftoppe thee in thy iourny j haR thou 
no more fpirit in thee,but to let thy tongue bciray thee . Sup* 
pofe I had .beene a Conft able, you had Dcentin a fine taking, 
had you not.' 

Spend. But my ftill worthy friend, 
Is there no worfc face of ill bent towards me, 
Then that thou rnerrily puu'ft on 

R*fi. Yes, hcere's fourc or fiue faces more, but ne'r an ill 
one, though neucr an excellent good one , Boy, vp with your 
lanthorne of light , and fhcw him his aflociats , all running a- 
vvay with the ficfii as thou art, goeyoakc together, you may 
be oxen one day, and draw all together in a plough, go march 


(jreenes Tu Q 

together * the Parfon ftaicsforyou, pay him royally, come, 
giuemetbeLanthorhe, for you hauc light fuffi dent, for night 
hasputoffhisblackeCappe, andfalutesthemorne, nowfarc- 
wcll my little children vfCufid, that walkc by two and two 
as if you went a feafling : let race heart tio more words, but be 

Spe#d.&rSta. Farewell. 

Cjtrt.&Iojce Farewell brother.' MtnetRafa. 

R*{b. I,you may crie farewell,but if my father ftiould know 
of my vlllanie, howfliould I fare then? but all's onc,Ih^donc 
my fitters good,my friends good, and my felfc good, and a ge 
neral! good is alwaics to be refpc6led before a particular^her's 
eight fcorc pounds a yearc faUcd , by the conueyancc ot this 
widdowj I hearc footcfteps , now darkenefft take meintoriiy 
armes , and dcliuer me from difcouery. Exit. 

Enter fir Ly an fit. 

Ljomll Lord, lord, what a careleffe world isthis,neytbcr 
Bride nor Bridegroome ready 3 timeto goeto,Church,andnot 
a man vnroofted , this age has not feenc a yopng Gallant rife 
with a candle, we Hue drowned in feather-beds, and dreame of 
no other fclicitie : this was not the life when! was a yongman, 
what makes Yifoweakc as wee are now ? a feather-becj: what 
fo vnapc for excrciftr ? a feather-bed : what brccdes fuch paines 
and aches in out bones ? why a feather-bed or awe nch , or at 
leaftawenchin afearher-bcd : isitnot afhame, t^tacanolde 
manaslamfhouldbcvpfirft, and in a wedding day, Ithinke 
in my conference there's more mettall in laddcs of ihrce fcare a 
then in boyes of one arid cwenry. Enter b'M^ff hilt. 

s Heerefir. 

Ljon. $hall I not be truflcd to day ? 

'Btuk> T fir, but I went for water. 
. Ljon. Is W//yi^vpyet. ? 

"Baikft. I thipke not fir , for I beard no body fllrring in the- 

LJOH* KflOckcfirraathiuharriber, 'Knecktwthw. 

. 1 3 The- 

' - - --_ 'j-r ___ 

(jrccnes Tu QuoqueJ. 

The houfe might be plucked downe and builded againe 
Before hee'd wake with thenoyfe. H*firiloft. 

R*fi. Who's that kcepesfuch a knocking, artyoumadde? 

Lyw. Rather thou art drunke,thou lary flovvch, 
That mak'ft thy bed thy graue, and in it buried 
All thy youth and yipor ; vp for ftiame. 

R*fb t Why *tr, uottwoaclockeyet. 

Lj9. Out fluggifhknaue 'tis nccrcrvntofiue, 
The whole hou<e hai our.flept if they had drunk 
v.ildc poppy :Sirra, goe you and raifcthffaaidcSjtnd lee them 
call vpon their miftrelles. x - ' ' - " 

Well fir, I (hall. 

Sc4tt. Didleateany Lctdteco fupperlaftnipht, that I am 
fo fleepie, I thirke itbedaJlighc, brother 3*^/r.i- 

7*4. What fai'ft thou brother? heigh ho! 

Ljon. Fie, fie, not ready yet ? what fluggi/hncfle 
Hath feiz'd vpon you .' why thine eyes arc clofc ftill. 

'Bub. AsfaftaiaKentiflioyfter, furely I wa begotten in a 
I ha fuch a deale of gumme about mine eie9. Enter StrM4*t< 

Ljon. Lord how you ftand ( 1 ant afham'd to fe 
The Sunne Aiould be a witncflc of your ilouth, 
Now fir, your hafte. 

BM!{. Marry fir, there are guefti comming to accompany 
you to church. 

Lj. Why this is excellent men whom it not concerns 
Are more rcfpcdr'ue then we that arc maine Actors. 

Bnb> Father Rafb, be not fo outrageous, we will goe in and 
buckle our felues , all in good time, how now ! what's this a- 
hour my fli i nn r s ? Enter old Gerald n* t and Lo*g-fideU 

Scarf. Me thought ow (hankes were not fellowcs,we hauc 
rnctamorphofcd our (lockings for want offplcndor. Exit. 

Bab, Pray wha> 's that Sfhndor? 

, Why'iisthc Latin word fora Chriftmafle candle 
, O Gcntlcmcn^yon loue, you honour mcc , welcome, 


welcome good Matter CjcrjuAinc t you haue taken paints 

To accompany an vndefcruiug friend. Enter Plnllu* 

Old Gcr, You put vs ro a needeleflc labour fir, 
To runne and wiride about for circumftance, 
When the plaine word, I chanke you,woulci hauc feru'd. 

LJOH. How now wench, arc the females ready yet > - 

The time comes on vpon vs,and we ruanebackcward: " 
We arc fo vntoward in our bufines, 
We rhinke not what we haue to doe,nor what we doc. 

Phill. I know not fir whether they know what to doc , but 
lamfure they haue becne at Church wll-niean houre, they 
were afraid you had got the ftart of them,, which made them 
make fuch hafte. 

Ljtn. I'ttpoflible, what thinke you Gentlemen? - 
Arc not thcfc wenches forward? if there not vcrtue in a man 
can make yong Virgins leaue their beddes fo foonc. 
Bur is the widdow gone along with them? 

Pht//. Yes fir, why flie was the ring-leader. 

L}9. I thought as much,for flic knowes what bclong's to't, 
Come Gentlemen, me thinkcs '(is fport to fee 
Yong wenches rurrto church before their husbands: En,Ret(b,. 
F-ith we (hall make them blufli tor this etc night : 
A fitra, are you come / why that's well faid ;.. 
I mm I'd indtede that all things were fo quirt, 
Which made me thinke ih'ad not vnwrapt their flicetf : 

Eattr ftr*4Mt with 4 do*k(. 
And then were they at Church I holdc my life: 
Maides thinke it long vnttll ech be ma i a wife. 

StttfrSpsaJ Sta.GtrMtnt^tVifld^vi (JartreA,4*4l0}fff 9 
Haft rhou my cloake knauc/ well faid,put it on, 
Wec'l after them ; let me goe hrften both, 


Boihtht- Bndcgroomrs forward, wcc'l walkealittle 
Softly, on afore : but fee, fee, k they be not come 
To fetch yi now, we come, we come, 
JJid thf mrcrurne, and fauc thcmlclue'this labour. 


C/reenvsTu QuoqutL*. 

. Why how now ! why come you from Church to 
kneelcthaspublikely , what's the matter? 
Qer. We kncelc fir for your blcfling. 
Lyon. How, my blclfing! Mafter GerMne, is not that your 
fonnc ? 


Spend, fietjtgnitnt, hcerc's the weeding Ring t'affirme ir." 

LJOH. I belecuc thcknaue has drurickc Ipocras, 

Stat. God morrow Gentlemen. . 

Bub. Tu quHjue to all : what, fliall we goe to Church/ 
Come, I long to be about tlm gcare. 

Ljon. Doeyouhearemc, will you two goe fleepc againe/ 
take out the tother nap,for you arc both made CocJJercombes, 
and fo am I. 

Scatt. Hovr, Cockcf-combcs! 

LJOH. Yea Cockcf-combcs. 

Scatt. Fathcr,thatwordCockcf-combgoesagaiaftmyflq- 

'Bub. And againft mine, amanmighthadige/lcdaWood- 
coc^c better. 

. Yes fir.and that I tike it is your daughter. 

Lj9. I fufpe& knaucry, what arc you / 
Why doc you kneelc hand in hand with her / 

St*. For a fatherly blcfling too fir. 

Ly*. Hoy day! 'ds palpable, lam getH*d, and myfonne V 
Scatter-good and 'Bubble fool'd, you are married/ * 

Spend. Yes fir, we are married. 

Lj9*. More villanic ! cucry thing goes the wrong way. 

Spend. We lhall goc the right way a n one, I h9pe. 

Lyn. YCJ 'marry fliall you, you (hall cenc to the Counter 
againc, andthart the right way for you. 

Wtd. O you arc wrong, 
The ptifon that (hall hold him are thcfe armes. 

Ljo*. I doc fcare that I fliaU turrie ftinckard, I do fmcll fuch 
a matter : you arcmarried then ? ; 

* You two come no* to goc to church to be married, 
And they two come from Church, and arc married. 
Bub* How, married ! I would fee that man durft mat ry her. 
Gtr. Why fir, what would you <foc? 
Bub. Why fir I would forbid the banes* 
r. And fo would I. 

Lye*. Doe you know that youth in S at ti n,hee's the penner 
that belongs to that Inck-horne. 

. How, let me fee., are not you my man 

Bttb. And hauey OH married her? 

And dee you thinke you haue rfde me well** 
Yes fir. 

O intolerable rafcall ! I will prefently be made a fti^ 
fticc of Pcace,and haue thce whipp*d , goe fetch a Conftable. 

Awf. Come,y l are a flourishing Aflej Sergeant take him to 
thee, he has had a long time of his pageantry. 

Lyon. Sirra let him goe> Tie be his baile, for all debts whjch 
come ag<rinft him. 

** Reucrend fir, to whom I owe the duty of a Tonne, 
Which I ihall cuer pay in my obedience : 
Know that which made hrrr- gracious in your eyes. 
And guildedouerhis imperfections, 
Is wafted and confutned euen like ice, 
Which by the vehemence of hcate difiblucs/ 
And glides to many riuers/ohis wcahh, 
That felt a prodigaJl hand, note in cxpence, 
Melted within his gripe, and from his coffer^ 
Ranne like a violent ftreame to other rhens, 
What was my owne, I catch'd ar, 

Lyov. Haucyouyourmorgagein* 

S*# Yesfir,. 

Lyon. Stand yp, the matter is well amended 
**%$"*? y u giuc fuffcran to this match. 

OUGcr. Yesrnarrydoclflr,forfincethcylouc, 

M PI, 


; i ..-Mfi.iue iNc crime lie on my bead, 
To JiuiiM n an inH wife. 

LJO*. VVliy you fay well, rny blcfliog fall vpoa you, 

#'/./. A n ' v p o n v s i hn f h> u e fir Ljotult, 

Lyon. By my rroth fincc tbou halt cane the yon knau^e 
Goii giuc theory or'him, and may neprouc 
A wilVrrnanihrn hi> Maftcr. 

St*. Sergeant, why doft not carry hina to prifon? 

SVnr. Sir LycnellRafh will bailehirru 

Lyon. Ibailehimknaue/ wherefore fhould I bailc him? 
No.carry him away, 1*1 e rclieue nexprodigall?, 

%*&. Good fir Lyonell, Ibcfccch you fir, Gentlemen,! pray 
make a pur fe for me. 

Sery. Co me fir, come, are you begging f 

M. Why that does you no harnic Ger**fe t tnafter I fliould 
fay ; fome companion. 

Sts. Sergeants, come Vackcwlth him, lookcfir, hcercif 

If you can put off allyour former pride, 
And put on this with that humilitie 
That you firft wore ir, I will pay your debt;. 
Free you of all incombrancef, 
And take youagaine intomy ferutce. 

Bub. Tentcr-hooke let mcegoe, I will take fmworfhJjM 
orTer without wages, rather then come into your clutches - 
game; a man in a blewcoate may haue fome colour for hit 
knauery , in the Counter he can haue none. 

Lycn. But now M. Sf*tier-god> what fay you to this? 

Sc*t, Marry I fay *ti$ fcarce honert dealing for any man f 
Conny-catch another mans wife, 1 pr otcft wce'i not put ic vpi 

St*. No, which we? 

Scrtt. WhyG4Tfr^andI. 

Sta. C/*rtnd t why fliee'l put h vp. 

Sent. Will (he? 

SC*H. Mufti? 

Cjrccncs Tu 

Gtr Yes that you mofl. 

St*tt. Well,ii Imi'ftJmufVb'itlproteftlwouIJ.noes 
But that I nruift : So vale , j*le : t tu quoejue. Exit. 

Lyon. Why that's we 11 faid, 
Then I pcrcfiue we fhall wind vp all wrong: 
ComcGentlerrcn, and all our other guefts; 
Let our well -temper'd bloods tafte^tt/Wfcaftf, 
Butletvsknow fii ft how thefefports delight, 
And to thele Gentlemen each bid good night. 

jb/fr. Gentles, 1 hope,that well my labor ends, 
All that I d'd wt* but to pleafc my friends. 

Off. Akindenamourct Ididftriueto proue_, 
But now I leaue that, and purfue your loue. 

Cjtrt My part I hauc performed with the reft, 
And though I haue not, yet I would doe beft. 

St*. That I haue cheated through the Play, 'tis true, 
But yet I hope, I haue not cheated you. 

lojce. If with my clamors I haue done you wrong, 
Euer hereafter I will holdmy tongue. 

Spend. If through my riot I haue offenfiuc bcene, 
Henceforth I'le play the ciuil Citizen. 

Wid. Faith all that T fay, is, how ere it happe, 
W>ddo wes like M >ids fometimes may catch a clappe. 

B*l>. To mirth and laughter henceforth I'le prouokeye^ 
If you but pleafe to like otGrttncs Tu qtioqne. 


Cooke, Jo. 

Greenes Tu-quoque